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New Hires | June 2014

Portrait of Neel Patel

Global Reach is excited to welcome a new web development intern. Meet Neel Patel!

Neel is originally from Cedar Rapids, but is currently living in Ames. He attends the University of Iowa during the school year where he is studying biomedical engineering. He says that could change soon, however, as he has also been exploring other options in the engineering field. Neel has one brother who also happens to work at Global Reach, named Kinit. In his free time, Neel enjoys watching Game of Thrones on Netflix, hanging with friends and playing outdoor games. Since he spends so much time behind a computer at work, he tries to refrain from spending too much time doing the same thing at home. An interesting fact about Neel is that he finds green tea baths to be very relaxing.

Please join us in welcoming Neel to our team!

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