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New Hires | February 2014

This February, Global Reach was excited to add a new Project Manager to our Team. Ahmad Al-Kofahi was born in the United States, but his parents are from Jordan. He grew up traveling the world, attending elementary school in Saudi Arabia, middle school in Tunisia, and high school and undergrad study in Jordan. He is currently attending grad school here in Ames at Iowa State. Because he has done so much traveling throughout his life, Ahmad is a self-proclaimed global citizen. He has a Masters in Instructional Design, but is currently working on finishing his 2nd Masters in Human Computer Interaction. Ahmad also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Computer Sciences from Yarmouk University in Jordan.

Ahmad lives here in Ames with his wife and three children. Before joining Global Reach, Ahmad worked at Iowa State University on many different projects, holding roles as a web developer, technology integrationist, and an Administrative Assistant. He also has experience managing computer labs and equipment acquisition, as well as training and mentoring Iowa State students and faculty members.

An interesting fact about Ahmad is that he did his Masters Research thesis on eye tracking technology. For this, he tracked a user’s perception in a virtual reality environment. He takes a high interest in user experience and usability testing. Ahmad calls himself the missing link between the more technical developers and the end user.

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