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New Hires | September 2013

Portrait of Svitlana Klibanska

Global Reach is proud to welcome a new intern to our development team, Svitlana Klibanska.

Svitlana graduated from Ukrainian State University of Finance and International Trade in Kyiv with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. It is her first time in the United States, and so far she is really enjoying it. Svitlana enjoys hanging out with friends, going to movies, listening to Italian music and watching historical films. Some of her favorites include “The Tudors”, “Magnificent Century”, “Elizabeth: The Golden Age”, and “The Barber of Siberia.” She also enjoys going for walks and visiting new places. While she is here, Svitlana is especially looking forward to touring different parts of Iowa and the U.S.

Portrait of Justin O’Neal

Global Reach is also proud to welcome a new project manager to our team, Justin O’Neal.

Originally from West Des Moines, Justin attended college at the University of Kansas where he graduated with a journalism degree and served as Executive Producer at KUJH-TV Sports. After completing his undergrad work, he moved south to attend college at the University of Florida. He earned his MBA while working fulltime on a web-based media asset management initiative for the PGA Tour. As you might have guessed, Justin is an avid golfer and shoots competitively in the USPSA and the ATA. A fun fact about Justin is that he is an Eagle Scout and of course enjoys fishing, hunting, camping, hiking and anything else that allows him to spend time outside. Justin currently lives in West Des Moines, but will most likely be making a move to Ames in the near future.

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