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Client Testimonials

"Our partnership with Global Reach has been a pleasure from day one. Working with their team has been nothing but a positive experience. What started as a contract to design one website has expanded to a total of five websites, due to their products and service. Not only does Global Reach create attractive, user-friendly websites, they form a relationship with their clients. So whether you need changes or updates to your website, or further education on how the site works, Global Reach is always available to meet their clients’ needs. We would recommend Global Reach to anyone who is considering a new website, and we look forward to our continued partnership with them."

- Kim Marker, Marketing Leader
Iowa Specialty Hospital

"The team at Global Reach has been great to work with. They've taken our ideas and put them together to create an attractive and easy to navigate website. They've continued to provide assistance and instruction when needed. We'd recommend Global Reach to anyone looking for a talented and professional team to design and develop their website, as well as assist with SEO."

- Brenda Brouwer, Marketing Assistant
Northcrest Community

"It is always a pleasure working with the Global Reach team! They are always patient and explain things in great detail. They have worked on our website and helped us with our Google account. We have increased our sales since we have implemented our website!"

- Kim Weier
Custom Made Boxes, Inc.

"Global Reach has been a wonderful partner in the development and refresh of our website over the years. The account and technical support teams have been very responsive to our inquiries for improvements and technical assistance."

- Shelley Goecke, Director of Marketing & Public Relations
McFarland Clinic PC

"We are very proud to direct friends, customers, and prospective customers to our web site, which is now consistent with the image we have been promoting for years. Your assistance was paramount to achieving this end result, which, we believe, will enhance the future revenue generating capacity of our business."

- Alan D. Ryerson, Secretary/Treasurer
Business Capital Corporation

"Global Reach has become a valuable partner in helping us continually increase the services we can provide to our clients through our website."

- Karen Sinclair, Executive Officer
Treasurer of the State of Iowa

"We were happily surprised to read a recent review about Z’Mariks in a local neighborhood magazine referencing the beauty of our website, the content and ease of use. You all worked so hard and did such a spectacular job and to read this about someone’s experience made us feel so proud!"

- Ellie Allen, Owner

"Global Reach delivered on several requirements we felt were critical for our new web site design - reduced administrative tasks, better standardization of look and feel despite numerous content providers, minimized need for html expertise by content providers, and flexible features that provide a varied choice of presentation pages of our diverse subject matter. The content management system eases page development through use of style sheets and word processor-like features. The database driven foundation makes dynamic content easy to input and helps ensure content is current. Finally, the Global Reach team provides responsive support for both problem solving and enhancement requests. A dynamite group to work with!"

- Paul Capicik, Manager of Information Technology
Civil Air Patrol

"Our e-mail is a wonderful change from the previous arrangement. Associates are still talking about the time-savings with your SPAM program. Also, this is the first time I have been able to navigate to the [web mail] for my e-mail from my family's AOL account in Indiana."

- Ron Murphy, Operations Manager
Friedrich Realty

"I just completed the IFA online application form for the Clean Water Program SRF loan, our total request is $3,330,000. I am very impressed by how fluid the online application process was. The application flows well, the drop down boxes (for consultants, calendars, etc) work well, are very convenient and similar enough to what I see in other applications to be comfortable to use. If anything, it's maybe a little too easy, I think it was easier to complete an application to borrow $3,330,000 than to buy a $12.99 book at Amazon."

- Comments from user, City of Ely
Iowa Finance Authority

"You rock!!! Thanks so much and the site looks great and is easy to update."

- Karen Austin, Deputy Treasurer
Treasurer of the State of Iowa

"Thanks for all of your help with this project. You’ve been very easy to work with and we appreciate it."

- Jason Bridie, National Sales Manager
EZ Way, Inc.

"The new website is great, I have rented the unit two times in the last two days from website inquiries."

- Erik Munn, Owner
Sanibel Family Vacation Condo

"SiteViz is a customer focused, user friendly content management program that makes web development easy! As an administrator of four SiteViz websites, I use this program on a daily basis. I can quickly make important updates to my websites and know they were done correctly. Global Reach has been great to work with because they hear my concerns and make the necessary improvements to meet my web needs. Doing business with Global Reach is a no-brainer, I wouldn't have done it any other way."

- George A. Micalone, Director of Student Activities
Iowa State University

"Global Reach Internet Productions has been an invaluable communication tool for the Department of Athletic Training at Iowa State University. our ability to modify web content and the ease to which it is done is unparalleled. The people at Global Reach are great to work with, and are always available to help with any problems. Organizations, big or small, that are looking for an innovative means of increasing visibility and communication would be well served to utilize Global Reach."

- Mark Coberly, Director of Athletic Training/Assistant Athletics Director
Iowa State University

"You guys are awesome! Thank you for such amazing support."

- Mitch Dowhower, Network Technician
Northwest Area Education Agency

"The website looks fantastic, I am a huge fan of Global Reach. Excellent work!"

- Matt Loecke
Saint Cecilia Gala

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your fantastic work on our web site, SEO and online marketing strategy. We have a terrific partner in Global Reach. We are passionate about what we do here at DI and we like to think we have a significant impact on the legal world. You are helping us with that endeavor and I greatly appreciate the passion you have for our cause, and the skills you have shared with DI. Thank you!"

- Charles Fox, Vice President
Demonstratives, Inc.

“Last night I was doing some Google searches and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was outranking my competitors on many searches and was at least on the first page with them and many others! The amazing thing was when I did a global search for 35mm slides to DVD, I was #3 on the first page...ahead of Sam's Club and Costco and other national marketers!”

- William Mogolov, Owner
Put It On Video

"We have been very pleased with our relationship with Global Reach and our experience with the SiteViz program. We utilize this for both our Internet and Intranet pages, so it was a larger investment for us than if we had gone with only the external site, but it was well worth it for us. The program is quite user-friendly and I give Global Reach an A+ for customer service. I’ve had a few different reps in the past few years and each of them has been friendly and prompt in their assistance – and also patient, as I’m fairly high-maintenance! For us, it’s been nice to have experts to turn to for our ongoing web needs. The site we had prior to this had been created locally and the designer was no longer in town, so we had zero support and had to keep things together with virtual tape and glue. Now we have a fully professional product that’s easy to maintain on our end, but with easy access to folks who know all the bells and whistles when we need them and can troubleshoot anything that arises."

- Stephanie Alexander, Director of Public Relations
Skiff Medical Center

"We are so pleased with our new website from Global Reach. Sometimes they knew what we needed before we did. They are experts and listened to our needs and even finished it ahead of schedule. They made it painless and even fun. I highly recommend Global Reach and Deb Mueggenberg! 

- Marian & Rich Olive, Owners
Norsemen Insurance and Realty

After talking with several website developers, I chose Global Reach to design our new website. It proved to be a very good choice. They were extremely well organized, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. I have been very pleased with their excellent customer service and their attention to detail. And best of all, we now have a great online presence which has made for a very noticeable increase in business. Thank you to the great staff at Global Reach for all you’ve done!

- Bill Mogolov, Owner
Put It On Video
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