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Farmers Bank & Trust
Banking / Finance / Insurance

The challenge

Farmers Bank & Trust was in search of a content management system (CMS) that would enable them to maintain WCAG compliance for their website. This was a crucial concern for the bank as they aimed to deliver exceptional financial services to their customers. Its previous system required constant maintenance to ensure its site remained WCAG-compliant and accessible, which posed a significant challenge.

The solution

Farmers Bank & Trust decided to adopt SiteViz as their chosen content management system (CMS) to address their WCAG compliance needs. SiteViz was selected due to its built-in WCAG compliance, providing a seamless solution to keep its website accessible. By switching to SiteViz, the bank eliminated the need for constant maintenance required by their previous solution to ensure WCAG compliance.  Additionally, the bank subscribed to recurring WCAG services offered by Global Reach, ensuring continuous adherence to evolving accessibility standards. This commitment to accessibility not only upholds the bank's core value of providing exceptional financial services to all customers but also showcases its dedication to inclusivity.

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