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Rogers Septic Maintenance & Repair
Construction / Manufacturing

The challenge

Rogers Septic is a fast-growing company that is now composed of three companies (Rogers Septic, Forest Septic, and Country Side Septic). The client was trying to manage three different WordPress websites and various third-party integrations. The domains, DNS, and websites were all hosted by different companies. Managing all aspects of the websites was overwhelming, and the client was ready to consolidate.

The solution

Global Reach helped Rogers Septic not only consolidate its content into one website using the SiteViz CMS but also offered the functionality to replace the third-party vendors previously being used. Rogers Septic is now able to promote the services they offer, provide answers to frequently asked questions, showcase images of its work, and allow site visitors to order services in one easy-to-use location. The new Rogers Septic site also features testimonials promoting completed work for its customers. Customers can even request quotes and make payments for services on the site. Global Reach also helped the client consolidate its hosting and domain management services. Global Reach provides hosting, domain registration, and DNS management for Rogers Septic's website and domains. Global Reach also set up and manages domain redirects for Rogers Septic. With everything being managed under one roof, Rogers Septic no longer has to experience the headaches of tracking down several vendors.

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Mobile view of Roger Septic's website
Laptop view of Roger Septic's website

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