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MFL MarMac Community School District

MFL MarMac Community School District responsive website showcase

The Challenge

The MFL MarMac Community school district serves the communities of Monona, Farmersburg, Luana, Marquette, and McGregor in Clayton County, Iowa. It was time for a new website that would allow parents to get timely information about alerts, schedules, and activities. MFL MarMac was looking for a responsive website with an engaging look and feel, and an easy way to manage complex content.

The Solution

SiteViz Premier allows the MFL MarMac website administrators to easily add and update content, display events and newsfeeds, and offer documents like schedules and lunch menus for download. Each school in the district has their own mini-homepage, and parents can use the website to subscribe to alerts for things such as school closings. The design is chock full of school spirit and is totally responsive so it can be accessed from almost any device.

Launched On

Oct 12, 2015
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