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Iowa Housing Conference

Iowa Housing Conference 2016 responsive website showcase

The Challenge

The Iowa Housing Conference is an annual event hosted by the Iowa Finance Authority, with about 600 people attending every year. The IFA would need a website that could adapt to the theme of each year's conference both in design and content. The website would serve multiple purposes including promoting the event, publicizing event speakers and awards, detailing lodging options, and hosting the agenda and registration. It was also a high priority that the website be mobile-friendly and accessible to people with disabilities.

The Solution

The SiteViz content management solution is the perfect platform for this annual event, allowing flexibility to apply a new design each year and rapidly update information in a pleasing way. The Global Reach team ensured that the website met the necessary website accessibility guidelines so all visitors could access the website with ease. the Iowa Housing Conference website incorporates some custom development to enhance existing modules. Nice!

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