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Alexandros Stephanis & Co Ltd
Hospitality / Entertainment / Media

The challenge

Stephanis was looking for a customizable eCommerce CMS solution that would allow them to develop a responsive eCommerce website. The online storefront would be used for the sale of the thousands of products they maintain in their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. 

The biggest challenge for Stephanis when looking for the best platform for their eCommerce website was finding an eCommerce platform that could be fully integrated with their ERP system while also being highly flexible. Their eCommerce CMS platform had to accommodate not just the large number of products they carry but also the depth of their product line (including variants, attributes, pricing policies, inventory, promotions, and more) without having to enter the same information in two separate systems.

The solution

To meet the eCommerce needs of Stephanis, Global Reach's expert web development and design team leveraged the customization capabilities of SiteViz Commerce. The expert web developers at Global Reach developed a system that includes thousands of products and corresponding variants, which can be managed entirely through the company's ERP system and can be posted via a number of application interfaces on their website. 

Global Reach was able to create the best CMS for eCommerce with responsive web design and enhanced custom web design features. Stephanis' custom eCommerce solution means that products, customers, and order information are always in sync between the two systems. This element of eCommerce website design minimizes administrative overhead costs associated with having to maintain the same information in two separate systems. 

With such a vast selection of products, Global Reach leveraged our advanced custom web development services to implement enhanced search. We enhanced our standard search feature to include partial matches, alternative names (e.g. PlayStation 4 vs. PS4), phonetic matches (for customers who may start typing in Greek but are really searching for something in English), and automatic searching as a user types their query.

Other eCommerce website development work went into developing a mechanism that allows customers to register for a loyalty program and receive discounted prices for qualifying products. As a web development company with award-winning web design services, these features were designed to fit in seamlessly with Stephanis' branding.

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