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Court Avenue Restaurant & Brewing

Court Avenue Brewing Company website
Court Avenue Brewing Co. responsive website showcase

The Challenge

Court Avenue Restaurant & Brewing Company is known for its award-winning cuisine, highly quaffable beer and inviting atmosphere. Court Ave was in need of an appealing, responsive website that was consistent with their exciting new marketing plan. They also needed the ability to manage online menus and mailing lists with ease - a must for the fast-paced restaurant business.

The Solution

Court Avenue Brewing Company received a custom, responsive website design and a SiteViz setup. Their design reflects their restaurant marketing efforts, and features delicious menu photography. The content management solution allows Court Ave to update content at any time - content easily accessible from any device.


WebAward: Outstanding Achievement Award

W3 Award: Silver - Restaurant Category

Davey Award: Silver - Restaurant Category

Horizon Interactive Award: Bronze - Restaurant/Food Industry

Launched On

Apr 17, 2015
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