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Seneca Foundry
Digital Marketing Services

The challenge

Since their humble beginnings in 1935 Seneca Foundry, Inc. has provided integrated gray and ductile iron casting, project management, and production. They like to say they bring iron to life, and needed a website to show exactly what they meant. Seneca needed a website redesign with a clear way to give users straight forward information about their various lost foam and casting services. The website would need to drive the unique nature of their services and industry expertise.

Seneca later required the addition of optional e-commerce functionality.

The solution

Global Reach utilized SiteViz CMS to meet Seneca Foundry's challenge. By using SiteViz, the administrators of the Seneca Foundry website can easily take full control of all content, add new pages to the website whenever needed, and quickly provide website visitors with the information they need most. Seneca Foundry also received a custom website design fit to its industry while showcasing their unique brand and history.

To meet the e-commerce needs, the team at Global Reach created a shopping section of the website that can be turned "on" or "off" whenever Seneca needs to showcase and sell unique products.

Seneca now partners with Global Reach's diverse digital marketing team to formulate and implement their ongoing overall digital strategy.

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Mobile view of Seneca Foundry's website  created by Global Reach, one of the best manufacturing industry web developers in Des Moines, Ames, and Iowa
Laptop mockup image of Seneca Foundry's website  created by Global Reach, one of the best manufacturing industry web developers in Iowa

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