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Marshalltown School District

Marshalltown School District responsive website showcase

The Challenge

The central Iowa community of Marshalltown is home to 26,000 thousand people and 10 schools, plus a tuition-free preschool program. Marshalltown is a vibrant city and the school district is active in academics, athletics, and citizenship development. Its students come from diverse backgrounds. To best serve its constituents, the district needed a new responsive website that would be totally accessible to those with disabilities.

The Solution

We were happy to implement one of SiteViz's specialized modules so that each school in the district could maintain their own homepage, all within the central district homepage. Everything is searchable and centralized, providing the best possible experience for students, parents, staff, and administrators. This website is also WCAG and Section 508 compliant so that it as accessible as possible for all visitors, including those with disabilities or using assistive technology.

Launched On

Aug 10, 2016
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