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Do I need a GDPR Website Privacy Policy and why?

Since GDPR regulations apply not only to member states of the European Union but any organization outside of the EU that targets people within EU member states, then a GDPR compliant Website Privacy Policy is very important to consider.  Even if you are a small business that earns no income from your website and isn’t sure why on earth in the first place you’d need one, you might be surprised.  This is because when someone comes to your website from around the world, you might be collecting various forms of personal information from them, such as tracking them with analytics or displaying ads.  Even though the applicability or enforcement of GDPR for US business has not been tested yet, one cannot ignore that data privacy is a fundamental human right for which legislation, especially in Europe, has become increasingly protective.  Even if you are not sure or convinced whether you need a GDPR compliant Website Privacy Policy, given that GDPR is considered to be one of the toughest data privacy regulations in the world, you should consider adopting it simply because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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