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Why should I be concerned about GDPR?

While the United States may seemingly not have much to worry about what is happening in Europe, we are certain that over the past several weeks, you have all received a swarm of messages from various service providers asking from you to read and confirm your acceptance of their revised Privacy Policies. You may have also noticed all the pop-ups asking you to accept website cookies. This is because, even though GDPR is a European regulation, it applies to any organizations outside of the EU which offer goods or services to customers or businesses in the EU. This means that you can still be liable if an EU citizen accesses your website and you collect their personal data. More importantly, as the internationalization of commercial activities continues to expand, it is inevitable that companies will gradually need to adapt new measures to protect personal data, keep users informed what, when and how their personal data is being used, and allow them to withdraw their consent at any time. 

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