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The Benefits of Website Animations

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Posted on 10/17/2016 at 12:00 AM

Modern web technology makes it easier and easier to add cool animations to most websites. But are they useful? Are they accessible? How can they add value?

  1. Grab attention. A flash of movement draws the eye to important elements.
  1. Safe in most browsers. CSS3 and HTML5 have replaced Flash for web animations and are supported in all modern browsers. Even when websites do not load properly, savvy web designers can program animations to stand still when animations are not supported.
  1. Provide feedback to users. Subtle transitions and animated changes provide interactive feedback as users navigate your website. For example, when a menu slides open gradually, users connect the opening of the menu to their action (tapping the menu icon).

Animation Showcase

Flexible Header

A header contains some of the most useful functions of a website, actions that need to be available on every page. But what about when the user scrolls down? A header that sticks to the top of the browser, but folds away neatly can keep those functions accessible without taking up too much screen space.

Animated Logo

Animated logos are the ultimate in luxury and fanciness. A subtle animation on page load, scroll, or hover adds interest to your brand, can add character to your company’s identity, and draws attention to who you are.

Fade in Content

Entice your users to keep reading with subtle content animation. The right kind of animation can demonstrate information hierarchy, encourage exploration, and delight users.

Does your website need some movement?

A consultation with our design and development team can reveal how simple animations can improve user experience and contribute to the success of your marketing goals.

Whether you are ready for a complete re-design or want to embellish an existing website, Global Reach can help you spice things up.

Interested in some animation for your website? Get the conversation started now!

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