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Celebrate #WorldEmojiDay with New Emoji Support in Premier!

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Posted on 07/17/2017 at 08:00 AM

In celebration of “World Emoji Day”, Global Reach is bringing some "pop!" to Premier with our latest update. We are excited to announce we are now supporting the display of emojis in SiteViz Premier! 

Here’s how it works: Find an emoji

Then copy and paste it anywhere Premier allows you to edit content! 

So why use emojis anyway? 

Now that you know you can include emojis in your web content, you may think, “That’s a cool feature…but how does this benefit me, really?” 

We’re glad you asked! Emojis can actually be leveraged to grab the attention of your audience and connect with them on a deeper level. In fact, tastefully incorporating emojis into your content can add flair to your messaging and help convey emotion and personality!

Now that we've armed you with emoji support, we thought we should also let you in on a few reasons why you should use them to enhance your content strategy! 

Emoji use correlates with increased email open rates! 

If you use our newsletter or mailing list modules, then our new emoji support can be leveraged to drive open rates on your email marketing campaigns! In fact, emails that use emojis in their subject lines tend to receive higher open rates than emails where emojis are not present. 

And they can help you to show off your personality! 

Emoji’s offer the perfect way to show emotion and personality. In some industries, it can be challenging for companies to find ways to show a lighter, even humorous side. Emojis can offer a way to do this subtly. In fact, people react to smiley emoji faces in a similar way that they respond to the smiling face of a real person!

But keep in mind, there is a time and a place! 

Don’t forget, there will be times where emoji use is not appropriate. While some businesses have more flexibility, like that of a pizza shop, bowling alley, or other entertainment or leisure driven establishments, other companies that provide more professional or serious services may want to use them sparingly.

Stand Out!

Emojis can help set you apart from the crowd due to their eye-grabbing nature. Specifically, when used in an email subject line, they can make your emails pop against the boring text subject lines that everyone else uses. 

So there you have it! Emoji use in a nutshell!?

Have questions? Just give us a comment or Get in touch with us today.

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