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Posts in Google My Business: What, How, & Why?

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Posted on 04/10/2018 at 10:15 AM

A Quick History Lesson

Way back in 2016, Google released a new tool for presidential candidates to post news and messages directly into Google search results. This service seemed to be a test-run as later in 2016 Google started pushing an expansion that allows local businesses to post directly in search results too. The rounding success of this limited release pushed Google to open the program to all verified businesses. Google changed this module again in late 2017 and moved it within their established Google My Business service.

Now you might have seen a new, similar service announced this month by Google named Google Posts or Posts on Google or Posts with Google… Google has not actually been that clear on the name of the service, but it works fundamentally the same way. The intent of this current expansion is to offer notable people, places, or things the opportunity to post directly in Google too. You can learn more about this service by visiting Google’s Posts on Google homepage.

Now, let’s review: What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a service that allows business to control their business listings in Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs). This includes location, phone numbers, website, hours, and much more. With the integration of Posts, businesses can upload images and text directly into Google search results offering a chance to further content to potential customers. If you still need to setup your Google My Business listing, Google explains the process in their support area.

How do I utilize posting in Google My Business?

Posting in Google My Business is really just as simple as posting within any other social media platform. However, posting to Google My Business allows businesses to connect instantly to their direct audience. There are many ways to utilize the posts feature, some great ways include:

Advertising Upcoming Events

One of the most useful ways to use the posts feature is to post upcoming events. The benefit of this is that both potential and established customers that are searching for you in Google will see your event without the need to click into your website, ultimately providing no-cost advertising for your event.

New/Top Products or Services

Another great way to use posts with Google My Business is to promote new or popular products or services you are offering. This offers the chance to inform customers of the availability of hot-ticket items you have in-stock.

Advertising Sales/Specials

If your business has clearance sales, daily specials, weekly sales, or something similar, posting to Google offers no-cost advertising at your direct audience.

New Locations or Business Moves

Opening new locations and moving locations are difficult hurdles to overcome in the business world, but with Google My Business you can add and verify new/changed locations and then post about the new location or changed address right in Google’s search results, informing your customers with ease.

New Ventures

Is your company expanding or branching out into new areas? What better way to advertise than no-cost advertising right within Google! Advertise your new ventures directly to your audience by posting the details in Google My Business.


Showing new and old customers the new goings-on for the week encourages searchers to learn more about you. Overall, this tool furthers your ability to reach your audience and should definitely be in your internet marketing tool bag, especially considering its ease of use. For more information on how to post, check out Google’s support area

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