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Spring Clean Your Website

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Posted on 04/29/2019 at 01:20 PM

Spring has sprung! Warm breezes, sunny skies, and beautiful flowers can give us the urge to clean and beautify our home and yard, but why stop there? Now is the perfect time to give your website a little spring cleaning! Not sure where to begin? We’ve provided a few tips to get you started!

Update Your Company Information

Is your website content up-to-date? Review pages like: About Us, Contact Us, or Company Information. Are all the details the same as they were last year? Make sure that you are providing visitors to your site with current information. Check that you have the correct phone number and address listed. Has the President of the company changed? Have you added any new employees that you want to list on a Staff page? Now is the time to look through and update any details you may have forgotten about or set aside to do later.

Take a Look at Your Images and Links

Make sure that all of your images and videos are displaying, and that you don’t have broken links. It can be frustrating for visitors if images aren’t displaying, especially if they contain diagrams, graphs, or other important information. Update any images or videos that are missing, and even add new images to complement your content. As you go from page to page, you can also click through your external links. Websites change and pages move, so if you are linking to a site other than your own you’ll want to be sure you’re sending visitors to the correct location. Working links, images, and videos will provide a smooth experience for any visitors to your site.

Add New Content

Do you have a Newsletter, Blog, or Social Media presence? Write some new material for your visitors or followers. Our schedules can get filled up over the busy winter months and oftentimes providing new content gets put on the back burner. Dust off your keyboard and write an article, post on social media, or schedule an event. Not sure if you have anything new to say? Take some pointers from our blog on writing interesting content, it’s easier than you think!

Still wondering if your website is fresh and appealing? Global Reach can help! We can update your current site, create a new website, or even take care of your social media presence. Contact Global Reach today!


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