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Is It Time For A Logo Update?

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Posted on 06/20/2019 at 10:00 AM

Is your logo looking old and outdated? Have you pushed logo design to the side while you work on other aspects of your business? If so, it might be time to refresh your logo! A logo is often the first impression you get of a company, and usually what you picture in your head when that company comes to mind. Think of your logo as the face of your company – make sure it’s shiny and fresh for everyone to see!

Roll With the Changes

Don’t think that your logo needs to stay the same forever – that is not the case. Just as with clothing and home décor trends, logo design trends also change over the years. As time passes and your company evolves, your logo should too. Back in March Global Reach released an updated logo – reminiscent of our previous logo that we’ve had for years, but with a fresher, more modern take. You can take a look at our blog post on the new design for more details on why we chose to revamp the look of our logo. 

Some companies even update their logos every few years! For example, Google has changed its logo many times since its creation in the ‘90s. You can check out this article, 5 Ways the Google Logo Has Changed Over Its 20-Year History, to see how their logo has evolved and modernized.

Does Your Logo Measure Up?

We’re not saying that you need to change your logo frequently, but it is good to take a look at your competitors and other companies in general to see how your logo compares. An outdated logo can cause consumers to disregard your brand, or think that you aren’t up to the same level as competitors. Having a good logo is so important to your business, that having an old or poorly designed logo can affect your business reputation. If your competition is updating their logos and you are not, your clients might see you as unwilling to adapt to new trends or stuck in the past. An updated, or even completely new, logo can inspire interest in your company. Not just from potential consumers, but even your current clientele.

Is Your Logo Still Indicative of What your Company Does?

Another reason to update your logo – if the focus of your company has changed or you’ve merged with another company. If your products and services have changed since the creation of your logo, it’s time for an update. Your original logo may no longer be relevant to how your company currently operates.

Don’t be stuck in the past, step up your logo game. Reach out to Global Reach to get started on a logo refresh or creation.Let us help you bring your company out of the past and journey toward a beautiful new brand experience today!


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