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Why You Need to Schedule Your Social Media Posts

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Why social media post schedules matter- image of a calendar

Posted on 01/30/2020 at 09:00 AM

As a “Type A person”, I need a schedule for almost everything I do.

This is to ensure my success by making sure nothing gets overlooked, deadlines are met, and my personal sanity stays intact. I found myself not making a schedule in one area of my life that I take very seriously: social media.

Making a schedule for my social platforms had, quite frankly, slipped my mind. The thought never really occurred to me and when I heard of people doing so, I admit, I thought it sounded silly… until I found myself doing it without even knowing.

Going through my previous social media posts and wondering what different content I could repurpose and use next; I begin to plan out in my head what I should next post to improve my feed. Because I didn’t want to forget my ideas, I began writing them down on a piece of paper, not even noticing I had written out the perfect date and time for each post. I wanted more engagement with my community and began thinking,

“Wow, I wish there was a way to post it in my social, but have it post on those dates automatically, so I don’t forget.”

Right away I knew I had missed something.

I started researching immediately on the best way to schedule posts ahead of time. The results came back within seconds, and they were not just important for my schedule-it-out lifestyle, but for businesses everywhere.

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There are multiple reasons this is great for businesses (and your sanity!):

#1 Organization:

A social media schedule allows anyone a sense of organization and the ability to stay ahead of the game. When it comes to me, I commonly must scroll back in my previous posts to see when I posted what, and if I had posted something similar before. A social media schedule allows you to plan, post when it is best for your business, and (most importantly) post content that you put time and effort into that will keep your community interested!

#2 Consistency:

If your business struggles with consistency, a social media schedule is the perfect place to start. Not only can your posts achieve the same voice every time, but your members will come back to you for information because they trust you. That’s huge.

“Not only can your posts achieve the same voice every time, but your members will come back to you for information because they trust you. That’s huge.”

#3 Reporting:

Scheduling your posts ahead of time allows for high-achieving analytical results. If you want to know how to get your followers to come back, and maybe even recommend you to a friend, you need to monitor your posts and their results. If you take the time to see what posts work when, you can create your schedule based off this, and ensure a better engagement rate. Play the long game. Think about where you want your business to be in five years, not just tomorrow.

#4 Preparation Sanity:

For me, being prepared goes hand-in-hand with my sanity. There is no doubt if someone is out of the office and oversees or is the one handling social media posting (but doesn’t plan their posts out), I, for one, would be in a hot sweat. Panic would set in as I found myself trying to create a good enough post that matches their voice and keeps users engaged. Scheduling posts in advance allows you to have everything ready for when the unexpected happens. Your followers won’t notice a thing, and you can sleep at night.

If you are Type A like me, it is good to maintain a schedule to protect your sanity and your social reach. If you are type B and need a little extra push in the organizational direction, this allows you to stay on top of all social tools and improve your social reach.

Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter what type of personality you are when it comes down to scheduling out your social platforms, and guess what? Global Reach offers many social media scheduling and consulting services so that if you need help in any aspect, you don’t have to think twice about creating a new addition to your busy schedule.

Don’t let your success fall behind because you don’t have time. Let us help you today.

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