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The 6 Roles of Marketing in 2020

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Posted on 03/04/2020 at 09:00 AM

Not so very long ago, CEO’s and other top Management considered Marketing an annoying and unnecessary money-sponge. The belief that word-of-mouth was the one and only way to get sales ran rampant across most industries.

My, How Times Have Changed.

Today, Marketing has become a vital part of almost every area of successful businesses the world over. For those still not “in the know” about the value and critical nature of marketing, we present the 6 Roles of the Marketing Department in 2020 and beyond! (Spoiler: We’re all in Marketing!)

Through this list we will look at various aspects of business not typically or historically associated with “the Marketing Department”.

1.Stakeholder Relationship Management

Having a unified message, goals, and values are key ingredients to successful branding, marketing, and growth. These are also key to successful internal stakeholder management. When your team knows what you stand for and are on board with it, anyone can see it- including current and prospective clients.

Management should utilize their marketing strategy as a tool to develop and encourage internal and external relationships among all employees and stakeholders.

2. Encourage Overall Participation Across Various Levels within an Organization

The Marketing Team must have an active role across many levels of the business:

  • At the corporate level, marketing must participate in setting direction
  • At the business level, marketing can (and should) participate in developing strategic tactics
  • At the functional level, developing the overall marketing components of the business strategy

3.Develop the Marketing Strategy

Some of the items in this role used to fall on the Sales Team. No more. In 2020 and beyond, sales and marketing are becoming synonymous, as they should be.

  1. Shape the Market Scope (including helping to identify new products and markets
  2. Select and qualify (or disqualify) Target Markets
  3. Work across the organization to design the marketing mix strategies (product, price, distribution, promotion, relationships, etc.)
  4. Develop competitive strategies based on the marketing mix


The Marketing team must conduct both internal and external research to resolve marketing issues and help guide decision making.

5.Develop Long and Short-term Marketing Objectives

A goal is nothing if there is no way to get there and is meaningless unless measurable. Marketing should design comprehensive marketing objectives and communicate them throughout the company

6.Develop & Execute Marketing Plans

This cannot be done by one department alone. The development and execution of marketing plans takes the help of all within the organization.

It Takes a Village

The only constant in business (or life) is change. To survive, businesses must adapt and evolve to meet the everchanging market. Marketing plays a key role. From competitor analysis to branding and content creation, marketing can mean the difference between leading the charge and struggling to keep up!

Does your organization struggle with keeping up? Are you stuck in old habits? Do you lack a proper marketing team? If so, there is no shame in asking for help. Seek a partner with established credibility and a proven record of success.

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