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How to Organize your Team Remotely

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Posted on 04/21/2020 at 10:00 AM

Telecommuting has become a necessity for organizations across almost every industry

 From Banking and Investments to Web Design and Digital Marketing companies and everything in between, companies are adopting new methods and technologies for new ways of doing business, communicating with clients and internally—all while working from home. Costly trial and error will only get you so far. Companies need a long-term solution. We must acknowledge that this is the new normal and, frankly, there is no "going back".

Even when we are allowed to return to our offices, we, as adapting human beings, will have adapted to life telecommuting and employees will come to expect the option from their employers.

Growing Pains of Experience Learning

Many working adults find that as children are experiencing learning from home through Zoom Meetings and Google Classes (and the teachers try their best to adapt to virtual classrooms), clients are meeting virtually, often these meetings overlap. Scheduling conflicts are more painful than ever, organization can become impossible, internal communication, accountability, employee productivity gets lost in the shuffle. All too often, employers have been forced to say goodbye to employees as they head home to telecommute only to hope and pray that they stay productive while “on the clock.” Trying to figure out how to juggle it all can be exhausting.

“We don’t have time for errors. We don’t have time to learn. We must just… do.”

Organization and Efficiency Require a Long-Term, Customized Solution

Every company utilizes various programs, software, apps, virtual boards, and platforms to organize their day, engage clients, and get the job done. The problem is that these licenses often have been set up for the office, so, unless you’ve planned, getting employees the access to the tools they need to do their jobs to work remotely can create yet another unnecessary headache.

At Global Reach, we have the benefit of being the Midwest’s most experienced web developer. As a result, we understand the intricacies of intranets, ticketing systems, internal communication CRMs, help desk and more.

At Global Reach, Meridian is our Master Organizer. With Meridian, we have created an internal program that allows us to do everything an owner or manager could want and more, customized to fit our unique needs.

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Mobilized Organization

Our platform, Meridian, is and always has been our long-term solution. It is 100% cloud-based, robust, secure, and customizable. This means that to go-remote, all we had to do is send our team home with laptops and VPN access. No new passwords. No new access. No new programs to learn, just go home and get to work!

Meridian allows us the following benefits:

  • Time Management:

Meridian provides a means for an organized workflow through internal ticketing systems and time bills for productivity tracking. The bosses know what we are working on, when and for how long. They also know what tasks are and are not considered billable hours for our clients.

It’s accountability made easy!

  • Internal communications

With Touchpoint notes that can be assigned to individual clients, messages to others on specific tickets, and the ability to share and include others on our calendar, communication is never an issue. Tasks can be delegated, follow up is easy, and workflow becomes a snap!

  • Client portals for direct client communication

Our client portal allows each client to have direct access to the people behind the scenes providing the services they partnered with us for from project management to digital marketing- work just gets done!

  • Scheduling that integrates with Outlook

Remember the scheduling conflicts we mentioned earlier? We seldom have them thanks to our shared calendar!

  • Billing that Integrates with QuickBooks

  • Prospect and Client Management

Sales are easier when you have all of your prospect files, contact attempts, and tracking organized at your fingertips (literally)!

Work. Gets. Done.

One of the many unique things about Meridian is that it acts as our internal project and ticket management system, CMS, Help Desk, and more all rolled into one secure system. We don’t need multiple programs to get the job done! Easy, adaptable, scalable, done.

Holding Yourself and Your Team Accountable

With so many ways to communicate, time management issues are easily resolved. We plan ahead easier, delegate, and follow up more efficiently, and hold our teams accountable.

Meridian makes the uncontrollable controllable!

Ready for a Custom Solution?

Meridian is the result of years of finetuning, troubleshooting, and trial-and-error in practice. Our future-proof day-to-day operations have allowed our team members to skip facing the struggles of telecommuting that many companies have had to deal with. The best part is that when the world returns to “normal” and we all go back to our offices, the required changes for our team will be minimal. We could go back tomorrow or work from anywhere in the world that has internet access and have no issues.

A lack of issues translates to no impact on the level of service we provide to our clients, continued efficiency, and the high quality of service that is uninterrupted and unparalleled continues no matter where our employees are located!

The challenges of telecommuting are negated completely.

This works well for us, but what would work for you? At Global Reach, we thrive when presented with the opportunity to customize solutions for our clients. What are you struggling with?

We’d love to help! Contact us for a free consultation today!

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