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The Holistic Approach to Digital Marketing

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Posted on 05/27/2020 at 09:00 AM

What is the Global Reach Holistic Approach?

At Global Reach, we see digital marketing differently. We take a consultative and holistic approach to digital strategy to meet each client's unique needs. Our Digital Marketing team loves to use the phrase “Holistic Approach to Digital Strategy”. It’s become a motto, a slogan, and a battle cry that drives them and their actions on behalf of clients. The phrase describes an approach to digital marketing that goes far beyond keyword research and trend analysis into all facets of our client’s digital footprint. 

The Holistic Approach consists of many different services combined into one comprehensive strategy. Here's a brief overview, but feel free to click any of the titles of each to learn more!

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Monthly Digital Marketing Consulting and Strategy Sessions

When you are a Global Reach Digital Marketing customer, every month a member of our Digital Marketing team will meet with you (in person or virtually) to assure that your expectations, aspirations, and vision for your digital marketing strategy are fully understood.

We use this time to align with you and your efforts and answer any questions you may have. These meetings also allow you to provide any specific direction that may be unique to that month. We believe that these sessions are a vital tool in guaranteeing that Global Reach provides the best possible service in helping you meet your long-term and short-term strategic goals.

Our clients tell us that they love the consulting meetings because it shows that our team truly cares about and feels like a part of their team. They appreciate the opportunity to pick the brains of our experts and ask questions about anything from proper blog length and content to how to best use the video content they just created.

Ongoing SEO

An illustration of a graph representing the success of SEO.These ongoing monthly efforts help you rank higher organically on search engines, so your website content gets found as quickly as possible. SEO goes far beyond typical on-website efforts but understanding and implementing the fundamentals goes a long way.

Our efforts include:

  • Research, analysis, & implementation of keyword strategy on your website
  • Off-website recommendations
  • Technical SEO and research using industry standards like Google Search Console and Google Analytics
    • XML Sitemap management
  • Metadata optimization
  • Competitive Analysis and recommendations

These are just a few of the “traditional SEO” efforts our team makes on your behalf!

Paid Media - Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

A graphic of a comment bubble with a dollar sign representing paid mediaPerhaps you need help purchasing space on the first page of Google Search through Google Ads but are not sure where to start. Our team of experienced experts understands what it takes to make Google Ad Campaigns successful, minimize your Ad Spend, and maximize your reach and results.

Our SEM Service includes:

  • Google Ads Account Creation
  • Search Network Setup
  • Ads campaign and Ad creation with customized targeting
  • Ads monitoring and adjusting monthly to optimize your Google Ads efforts

It doesn’t matter if you have a massive budget, are utilizing Google Ads Grant money, or are working with a much more conservative ad spend, we understand that every dime matters and work hard to make sure your money isn’t wasted.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services

An illustration of a mobile phone with a dollar sign representing social media marketingEvery company understands that having an account on the right social platform can give you just the competitive advantage you need. Your target audience is most likely on one of the many platforms out there, and you want to get in front of them.

Today’s digitally-savvy customers expect the ability to find your business on multiple platforms. Studies show that a customer would prefer to reach out via social media channels over simply calling.

Regardless of your industry, claiming, optimizing, and maintaining your brand on social media platforms is a vital part of any digital marketing and long-term growth strategy.

An inter-connected social media marketing strategy has been shown to have a positive effect on customer relations, organic SERP ranking, and increased sales. These platforms allow the business to create and share content that adds value and demonstrate expertise in ways that are unlike anything possible before.

Having an account on a social platform isn’t enough. Make no mistake, social media is the new word of mouth. Social media is all about just that: being social. You need to cultivate content that engages your audience.

Our Social Media experts can assist you with any of the following (and much more!)

  • Social Media account setup or optimization
  • Custom image design
    • For use on profile banners, avatars, and in social posts
  • Lead generation strategy consulting
  • Research, compilation, and implementation of post ideas
  • Quarterly reporting of social media traffic and growth
  • Social media post scheduling

Social Media Advertising

Sometimes posting on social media is not enough to grow your audience. Many social platforms can become a “pay-to-play” environment. Much like Search Engine Marketing, understanding a social platform’s ad program, and how to best utilize it can give you just the boost you need to capture that attention currency.

Social media advertising can consist of Boosting posts, creation of Hyper-targeted ads based on location, demographics, interests (etc.), or even custom ad creation based on specific goals (brand recognition, lead generation, website traffic).

When your digital marketing partner understands your goals, they can make a recommendation based on them to best suit your needs!

Content Copywriting

Illustration of a paper and pencil representing copywritingIf your company requires assistance in creating content for your website, Global Reach can help you to generate new content, as well as optimize your existing content.

Content is an asset, and without it, users and search engines alike won't be able to understand the products, services, and benefits that your business offers.

We understand that goal of your website may be to generate more website traffic and create more leads, or to build brand awareness. Strategic SEO copywriting is key to making sure the goals of your website are met. Global Reach can provide fresh, high-quality content as the foundation, or review and offer guidance on the content you have already created.

Our team will work closely with you to understand your marketing goals and identify the audience you're targeting. In a collaborative fashion, we will ensure that the content we create matches the voice and style of your business, while also being organically keyword rich to help with SEO.


A graphic representing a whitepaper and bloggingBlogs are extremely valuable in SEO efforts. They provide long-form content that provides relevant keywords, helps establish your company as an industry thought leader, and can be used as pillar content to establish your industry expertise. They also help boost your search engine ranking organically with fresh content.

Just the Beginning

The best part about working with our team is how invested we are in your success. Sure, you could pay a part-time person to try to meet your digital marketing needs, but for the same price (or less) you can have a full team of experts, an army of digital marketers, at your side.

Want to learn more? Contact us today for a free consultation!

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