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Google Maps is Growing

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Posted on 07/09/2020 at 10:00 AM

Google Maps Creates a few New Features...

Now, more than ever, businesses are looking for a way to revive their profits, popularity, and business in general during the Coronavirus pandemic. Users are spending more time at home, finding business information like hours, accessibility, and social distancing efforts online by conducting Google searches followed by finding the location within Google Maps or the Google Maps App.

Google Maps not only assists in getting us to the right places, but it also provides helpful business information when we need it. Looking for the closest pub, restaurant, gas station or more? A quick search in Google Maps is all we would need, and chances are have used!

It’s no secret that consumers spending more time indoors has had a negative impact on businesses. The question becomes: what can we do to help our businesses stand out and beat competitors now that restrictions are lifting?

Google, as usual, was one step ahead of the question and created the answer before we could say, ‘quarantine!’ Google Maps is essential for business and personal use across the world, so what could Google do to improve an already great app and how can it help your business stand out?!

In this article, we’ll cover the newest updated features of Google Maps including:

1. Maps Customization

With Map Customization and management, Google Maps enables real-time updates within different platforms. No coding experience? No problem! Map Customizations update without having to change any code whatsoever.

To top that, Google Maps provides beautiful design updates for a simpler customer experience. Not that design is everything, but it does give brownie points when looking for something eye-catching, and (for once) we’re not talking about Global Reach’s award-winning design team. Google offers new styling tools to create a custom map of the location that you select. Like what you see? Update it on all devices and platforms and help your business stand out.

Providing a Customer Experience that Makes a Lasting Impression

Although Global Reach also offers customer experience above the rest, Google Maps has designed a way to create a whole new customer experience. In the past, making updates to your map may have taken hours or even days to implement; however, this is no longer the case with the newest update! Google Maps offers a Cloud Console to allow for updates in real time and make customers happy and wanting more.

What could beat that? Would filters and a clear, more beautiful map help? It’s certainly a start!

A new tool called Business POI Filtering assists in the places shown for customers and allows you to choose the types of businesses customers see on your map. Want to add a positive customer experience to the addition of filters? That all comes along with the new tool. You can narrow down the points of interest and show customers only the information most helpful to them.

Now, where does the simple beauty come into play? The last couple features allow you to adjust categories, so your customers see the ones they care about most rather than the ones they do not care about. This is made available with POI Density Control, allowing you to decide how many points of interest are shown on your map. And the beauty of it all? Vector Maps for JavaScript enables smooth navigation, non-pixelated images, and a clearer and more beautiful map.

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2. Local Context

Ratings, reviews, photos, directions, and more are a major part of why users turn to Google. Wouldn’t it be nice if these features could be within Google Maps so you didn’t have to leave your app? Now it does!

The Local Context feature makes it easier for customers to explore new areas with the information received from Google. Potential or current customers can click on pins and photos within certain areas without having to leave the app.

Just like Maps Customizations, Local Context allows you to portray the amount and type of information that will fit your customers’ ideal needs. How? Only show the place types that customers would want to see, select the number of types and places shown on the map, and customize the colors within the map to create a more personalized and positive customer experience.

3. Gaming Solution

If you are a ‘gamer’, chances are the extra time at home during social distancing has left you with more time on your hands for gaming. What could this have to do with Google Maps? Everything, actually!

Google Maps now offers a gaming solution to build game environments that reflect real-world buildings and monuments, allowing you to go to places you’ve never thought of before, or places most people know about, offering data for over 150,000,000 places. Want to build a game based on a beloved or well-known coffee shop, road, or building? It can be done! The gaming experience is all about you!

To create a game that reflects your needs, wants, and the ideal experience, you can customize any part of the game. How so? Adding landmarks, location elements, colors, object sizing, and more, the game is limited to your imagination! Google Maps imports data to allow your character to get to the specific location you want, specifically how you want it. Last but not least, response times are fast, letting you play even when the number of users online is astronomical. You set the limit for your experience. Why stop at average?

Putting it All Together

All these features, made possible by Google Maps, have been well thought out possibly before the Coronavirus Pandemic began, but the timing could not have been more ideal. In a time where digital aspects are at all-time importance, where distancing is highly recommended, and businesses are concerned about losing customers and/or revenue, Google has provided a resource to turn it all around.

If you are looking for a way to make a lasting impact on your business during and after social distancing recommendations, Google’s new Maps Customization, Local Context, and Gaming Solution tools provide the much-needed turning point.

Success starts with the boundaries you set for yourself. If you want to take your business to the next level, Google Maps is there to help. After that, Global Reach is here to take you to the highest level possible.


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