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We are excited to celebrate our 30th year of business in 2025, and to show our appreciation to the community, we are giving away six FREE websites to Iowa-based organizations. Click here to apply to be considered for the giveaway.


Celebrating 25 Years of Global Reach!

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Posted on 09/03/2020 at 09:49 AM

Tested. Refined. Proven. Global Reach.

If any business wishes to stay viable and relevant, it must be innovative, customer-centric, and able to evolve. From the birth of the secure SiteViz CMS to the creation of a unique and ever-evolving e-commerce platforms, Global Reach is proud to have consistently been an innovative leader for Iowa and beyond. We like to say that we have been building the internet one website at a time for the last 25 years.  

Born at a time of pagers, pogs (come on, you know you had some), dial-up modems, and when Windows 95 ruled every household, Global Reach began as Iowa's very first Web Development firm in 1995 and has been growing strong ever since!

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  1. The Evolution of a Digital Marketing Firm
  2. The Secret to Our Success
  3. Our Mentality
  4. Quality Driven
  5. The SiteViz Difference
  6. Special Thanks

As we have grown, we’ve acquired great companies like Captain Jack, Mission Creative, Dakota Internet Technologies, and Zearingnet Communications. We have been featured in Inc. Magazine, won numerous “Best Places to Work” awards and have expanded our operations globally. It’s nice to be recognized for our services, but we find that the highest praise is that which comes from our clients.

 In this article we would like to take the rare opportunity to peel back the curtain and tell the stories of some of our beloved clients as well as our amazing staff.

Illustration of the various digital marketing services provided by Global Reach with the GRIP25 Logo

The Evolution of a Digital Marketing Firm

Our company was registered on December 26th, 1995. Since that time, we have evolved beyond custom web development and design to become evolved into a trusted, nearly full-service, digital marketing agency. Our clients turn to us to rebrand their products,  consult to help form their social media strategies, and even completely refresh their websites.

"I've worked with Global Reach for years to develop many of our websites. One such website ( was due for a rebrand so I teamed up with Global Reach for the digital marketing strategy behind Outdoor Joe's Poison Ivy Pro and the results were better than I ever could have imagined!

Their design team helped us nail down the perfect look for our logo and the slick feel of the website, and the development team helped us with an amazing custom e-commerce website that draws people in and keeps their attention all the way to the check-out! Transactions are easy for the user and easy for me to track!

I worked with the digital marketing team to take my rebrand to the next level! They helped me transition my RhusTox audience to Outdoor Joe's pretty seamlessly. They did this by setting up and optimizing multiple social media platforms from the ground up, providing killer post ideas for various platforms, crafting hyper-targeted Google and Facebook Ads, and did so much for the website's SEO that we list first or second every time if you Google "RhusTox"!

The bottom line is this: My sales are through the roof, profits are soaring, and I still rely on, and trust Global Reach with almost all my digital marketing needs. The team has become a irreplaceable part of our marketing strategy!"

- Tom Swegle, CEO,Medcara, LLC.

As technology has advanced, the Award-winning team at Global Reach has continued to stay ahead of the competition by anticipating our client’s needs and delivering to meet them. We thrive on creating custom solutions for our clients with the only limits being found within their imaginations.

When it comes to web design and custom development, "...we have proven beyond doubt that there is nothing that we cannot tackle with SiteViz and the team we have." - Michael Leontiou, Operations Manager, Global Reach Internet Productions

A screen capture of a 3CX Global Reach team coffee break

The Secret to Success

Global Reach our products are unique in the industry, and our team is diverse. We come from many different backgrounds and work hard together for the best results. We practice clear communication and truly enjoy working with each other and our clients. We believe in a consultative approach to every project. We understand budget restrictions, ambitions, and get to know each client’s unique goals to insure we deliver the optimal outcome, every time. Our talented team has expertise across multiple disciplines from programming to design and everything in between. Each member of our staff has a personal investment in every project that we are involved in.

Our culture is built on a tripod of beliefs: Purpose, Growth, and Balance.


We pride ourselves on making sure everything we do is backed up by a well-considered strategy and analysis. Everything should have a purpose. This ensures our customers’ investment is well worth it, and that Global Reach will stay at the top of our industry.


Every day, there are chances to step out of the box. We all wear different hats, and initiative beyond the job description is rewarded. Our team is filled with experts in many fields and you will gain knowledge in areas you might not have considered. Success is a product of teamwork and collaboration, and we want everyone to be a part of the effort.


We know you are at your best when your life has balance and your work is engaging. Our office culture is friendly and respectful, and accountability is supported with encouragement. We offer flexible scheduling, ample vacation time, and the possibility to work remotely when necessary.

Our Mentality

We see ourselves as extended members of our client's teams and we believe our client’s voice is integral every step of the way.

"Global Reach has been a wonderful partner in the development and refresh of our website over the years. The account and technical support teams have been very responsive to our inquiries for improvements and technical assistance."

- Shelley Goecke, Director of Marketing & Public Relations, McFarland Clinic PC

From the initial discussions and discovery sessions we make it very clear that the client’s project success relies on thorough planning. During the discovery phase, we take time to learn everything we can about the project’s needs, current processes, and aspirations, then develop a detailed roadmap to meet the project objectives.

"Global Reach has become a valuable partner in helping us continually increase the services we can provide to our clients through our website."

- Karen Sinclair, Executive Officer, Treasurer of the State of Iowa

When it comes to web design, we understand that form and functionality go hand in hand. Once a plan is in place, the design team can begin executing a carefully crafted user experience that meets your usability and marketing goals. This process combines award-winning visual design as well as all the technical requirements to ensure the website will look beautiful across any device and be accessible to as many users as possible.

"I want to thank all of you. Thank you for all your hard work, great ideas, exceptional professionalism, and being able to have a great time while we get work done! You have all blown me away with your extremely high level of expertise and your ability to bring ideas to life.

2020 marks my 16th year of owning a business. I have worked with thousands of homeowners, hundreds of businesses, and dozens of professionals like yourselves. In my 16 years, there have only been a handful of people who I feel went above and beyond their call of duty and I can tell you with absolute certainty that I have never sent a thank you with this much sincerity.

For the first time, our business has the right team built to succeed and head in a direction that will positively impact many lives around it. All of you are a part of Electric Ease and as we grow our business and grow our relationships we will all prosper and grow together. Thank you again and I look forward to many years of fun and success."

- Kevin Buckalew, Partner, Electric Ease

We believe in a personal connection throughout the process of building websites. As the Design team is working with the clients on visual design, our experienced Development team buildings the engine and functionality that brings the project to life. It is during this phase that the detailed planning comes into play. Attention to detail is everything; each client is assigned a Project Manager who keeps them up to date every step of the way.

"It is always a pleasure working with the Global Reach team! They are always patient and explain things in great detail. They have worked on our website and helped us with our Google account. We have increased our sales since we have implemented our website!"

- Kim Weier, Custom Made Boxes, Inc

Quality Driven

Our priority is to deliver a bug-proof, cross-browser compatible, thoroughly tested final product. We perform diligent quality assurance tests on all parts of the project so that when a client’s site goes live, they can rest easy that we have taken care of everything. This phase also includes in-depth training for the client’s team so it will be smooth sailing from day one.

Our proven methodology and consistent results have been the driving factor in our success. We like to earn our client’s trust and future business by ensuring clear expectations are set from the get go, then doing everything in our power to exceed them.

"The team at Global Reach has been great to work with. They've taken our ideas and put them together to create an attractive and easy to navigate website. They've continued to provide assistance and instruction when needed.

We'd recommend Global Reach to anyone looking for a talented and professional team to design and develop their website, as well as assist with SEO."

- Brenda Brouwer, Marketing Assistant, Northcrest Community

The SiteViz Difference

SiteViz is an incredibly powerful CMS platform that has evolved through the years to meet the demands of every client from small non-profits to State Agencies, major Universities, International Airports, and beyond.

"SiteViz is a customer focused, user friendly content management program that makes web development easy!

As an administrator of four SiteViz websites, I use this program on a daily basis. I can quickly make important updates to my websites and know they were done correctly.

Global Reach has been great to work with because they hear my concerns and make the necessary improvements to meet my web needs. Doing business with Global Reach is a no-brainer, I wouldn't have done it any other way."

- George A. Micalone, Director of Student Activities, Iowa State University

We understand that each project that we take on has unique requirements in terms of budget, design, functionality, and more. Our primary focus is, and always has been to help our clients, no matter how big or small, get their message in front of whomever needs to see it most. SiteViz allows us to meet that focus head on, every time.

With such an array of demands on a CMS, it must be adaptable, dependable, and secure. Our clients enjoy an easy to navigate and update interface that meets their needs and, in most cases, exceeds them.

"Global Reach delivered on several requirements we felt were critical for our new web site design - reduced administrative tasks, better standardization of look and feel despite numerous content providers, minimized need for html expertise by content providers, and flexible features that provide a varied choice of presentation pages of our diverse subject matter.

The content management system eases page development through use of style sheets and word processor-like features. The database driven foundation makes dynamic content easy to input and helps ensure content is current.

Finally, the Global Reach team provides responsive support for both problem solving and enhancement requests. A dynamite group to work with!"

- Paul Capicik, Manager of Information Technology, Civil Air Patrol

We Would be Nothing Without You.

We would be nothing without our amazing clients. From custom web design and development projects to digital marketing consulting and strategy, you challenge us, inspire us, and drive us to constant improvement. Thank you. We love and appreciate all of our clients, but wanted to take a moment to recognize a few that have included us in a special part of their digital marketing journeys. Please take a moment to click any of the links below to visit these unique websites or learn their stories.

Please understand that this is in no way an all-inclusive list of our clients, we couldn’t possibly fill thank them all individually in a single post.

Thank you

No matter what part your company played in our story, we thank you and welcome you to continue with us as we write the next several chapters as we continue to grow, evolve, and innovate across the digital landscape and beyond!

Not currently a client? You can be, contact us today to see how Global Reach can help!

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