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The New (e-Commerce) Shopping Reality

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Screengrab of the Stephanis website, built on the SiteViz Commerce CMS platform by Global Reach

Posted on 09/09/2020 at 09:00 AM

Taking e-Commerce to Another Level!

As consumer behavior continues to adapt and evolve, so too must retailer’s e-commerce solutions. Shifting shopping habits are predicted to be more than a trend, they are expected to be a new reality. As consumers create new buying habits, they are likely to maintain these habits regardless of global economic shifts. 

To meet these new demands, retailers must remove friction in the buying cycle. Companies need to be sure their platform is secure, mobile-friendly, and easy to search. The website must also have great calls-to-action that convert the “browser” into a purchasing shopper. An e-commerce website that is missing any of these items (or countless others) can mean the difference between converting a shopper to a satisfied customer and losing them altogether. 

Examples of the website for Stephanis across various devices

Practical Application: Global Reach Launches Stephanis

Recently, Stephanis was looking for a customizable e-commerce solution that would allow them to develop a responsive e-commerce website. The site would be used for the sale of thousands of products they maintain in their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. 

Stephanis biggest challenge was to find an e-commerce solution that could be fully integrated with their ERP system. The solution had to be flexible enough to accommodate the large number of products they carry and the depth of their product line. This includes variants, attributes, pricing policies, inventory, promotions, and more. All of this would need to be accommodated without having to enter the same information in two separate systems.

Our Solution

To meet the e-commerce needs of Stephanis, Global Reach's expert web development and design team leveraged the customization capabilities of SiteViz Commerce. We developed a system that includes thousands of products and corresponding variants, that can be managed entirely through the company's ERP system. This was accomplished through the development of a number of application interfaces that allow the communication of information between SiteViz and the company's ERP system. 

Stephanis custom e-commerce solution means that products, customer, and order information are always in sync between the two systems and always up to date. As a result, administrative overhead costs associated with having to maintain the same information in two separate systems are minimized.  With such a vast selection of products, Global Reach implemented an enhanced search feature that includes partial matches, alternative search names, phonetic matches (for customers who may start typing in Greek but are really searching for something in English), and automatic searching as a user types their query.

In addition, we even developed a mechanism to allow customers to register for the customer's loyalty program and receive discounted prices for qualifying products, and another mechanism for managing support issues with the company's Service Department. 

Why a Scalable E-Commerce Solution Matters

Two words: Competitive Advantage.

A scalable e-commerce solution needs to grow and evolve with your company. The right solution means that no matter what size shop you are running, you meet your customer’s needs better and faster than your competitors. Imagine reduced abandoned carts, higher revenue, and higher conversion. You’re imagining SiteViz Commerce.

SiteViz Commerce can handle shops of any scale and complexity, from entry-level merchants to large enterprises. This unique CMS allows users to manage products with ease, freedom, and flexibility.

No Plugins. No Compromises. No Nonsense.

Many e-commerce platforms struggle with plugins that can cause the entire website to crash thanks to non-compatible updates. With SiteViz Commerce, all the tools you need are built-in from day one. Our features give you the control you need with…

  • Nested product categories

  • Powerful product attributes control

  • Multiple product images

  • Order status tracking

  • Sales and revenue reporting

...and much more!

Security First

SiteViz Commerce features the industry’s top security and PCI Compliance to ensure peace of mind for consumers and retailers through every step of the shopping experience. 

Secure On-Site Checkout

Shops built on SiteViz Commerce allow admins to take payments and manage orders in the same admin panel as the rest of the website. Easy navigation, easy information, easy selling. We even feature automated on-site credit card checkout and support for many payment gateways with custom integration available if needed!

Ready to Take Your Shop to the Next Level? 

Ultimately, the best possible customer experience is what drives conversion. This consideration must be a part of any retailer’s business model if it wishes to be successful with the launch of its online store. From the initial web design and a smooth checkout process to follow up after they complete their purchase, none of the customer experience should be overlooked when building online business processes towards sustaining competitive advantage. 

It all starts with a plan. What’s yours?

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