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4 Key Graphic Design Rules Your Strategy Needs Now

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An illustration by Global Reach that shows various graphic design elements

Posted on 10/12/2020 at 12:31 PM

Elevate your Image and Make a Statement!

Humans are very visual creatures. We interact with things that visually catch our attention. For this reason and many more, from pixel to print, graphic design is more important to consider than ever! Your graphic assets are essential tools for your business and often serve as the first impression to potential customers. There are many important components of effective graphic design, like white space, font selection, color schemes, and layout, and more so knowing where to start and what is most important can be intimidating. Never fear, Global Reach is Here. To help guide your efforts, we proudly present...

4 key graphic design rules to help elevate your image strategy, grab attention, and start conversations that matter! 

Illustration of 8 Key Features Your Homepage Should Include

1. Medium Choice

The best way to make the biggest impact is to start with your audience in mind. We tend to think of graphic design as a digital thing, but in reality, a solid graphic design strategy needs to play a key role in any medium that you hope to put in front of your target audience. For example...

Print Graphic DesignGraphic design icon by Global Reach

Well-considered, well-executed graphic design entices, persuades, and motivates. A high-quality design gives businesses credibility, accomplishes goals, and helps a business stand out in a competitive industry. Print design materials like business cards, brochures, and advertisements are just as important as a stunning website or amazing custom social media graphics

Expert execution tip: Save yourself the trouble of managing multiple vendors for graphic design, advertising, and web services. Partner with Global Reach for your print design needs and unite your efforts across all media. The award-winning design team at Global Reach has years of experience and will carry out your vision seamlessly from pixel to print! 

brochure design

Corporate Identity and Style Guide Icon by Global ReachCorporate Identity

Take the world by storm with a powerful corporate identity. An identity is not just a logo; it encompasses what your business is all about and how you engage your market and community. Partner with Global Reach to craft or revamp your corporate identity to truly stand out and show the world who you are. Consider the "Big Picture":

Cohesive branding is your calling card to the world. The right branding can make customers respect you and your competitors fear you. We will innovate and add value to any and all parts of your corporate identity.

Expert execution tip: Consider all aspects of your corporate identity including:

  • Logo Design- Show the world who you are with strong design and marketing solutions. Don't be afraid to update and modernize your logo. Your business evolves, shouldn't your logo?

  • Style Guide Design- Unify your brand across all media with a detailed guidebook of your corporate identity.

  • Stationery Design- Every bit and piece you need to do business in style: business cards, letterhead, and envelopes.

  • Packaging Design- When you sell products, the design is the first thing customers notice. Dress to impress: package your
    products with function and flair.

  • Marketing Collateral/Asset Design- Amplify your voice and impress your customers with social media images, ads, brochures, flyers, tradeshow graphics, and more.

Illustration of an ink-well style pen with multiple colors.Infographics & Illustration

Words are powerful, but seldom enough to leave a lasting impact or trigger that ever-important action event. When coupled with editorial, emotive, informative visual elements, however, you can push your written content or marketing materials to the next level to drive the conversation while driving conversion. From custom social post media graphics that drive engagement to illustrations to accompany carousel ads on Facebook, visual content drives results.

Expert execution tip: Add Infographics to your strategy. Infographics are fun to read, easy to understand, and totally shareable. Become an industry favorite with custom infographics aimed at educating and entertaining your target audience. Wouldn't you know it, Global Reach can work with you to identify a content area, refine the information, and then design a sharable, exciting infographic!

Illustration of a camera to highlight the photography services of Global ReachProfessional Photography

When done properly, custom photography delivers the peak of authenticity and professionalism. 

The difference between good photos and great photos is the masterful lighting, precision framing, consistency in tone, and file quality.

Expert execution tip: Consider using photography in your Google My Business listing. Sure, a cell phone snapshot is better than nothing, but really taking time to strategize the best way to grab your audience's attention can provide a unique competitive advantage. Photography can (and should) be used used in any of the following ways:  


Don’t sell yourself short - professional photography can put your products in the best possible position for maximum return on investment.


Establish yourself in your community with great shots of your premises. Nothing makes an office look more inviting or establishment more impressive than great location shots.Use both internal and external shots. To really set yourself apart, consider reaching out to Global Reach for Aerial (drone) Photography services that can show your business from a whole new angle (literally)!


Your employees are your most valuable asset. Personalize your company and showcase the expertise of your staff with professional, flattering staff pics.

2. Design With Consistency

From the color palette choice to typography/font, it's important to present unified branding across any of your visual assets. Your design style choices play a key role in your overall branding and keeping your assets consistent across any medium can help your audience recognize your brand instantly. Physical assets such as flyers and brochures should have the same look and feel as your website and materials shared on your social platforms.

3. Watch your Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

Very little will undermine your authority and present your efforts in a negative light quite like improper grammar, spelling mistakes, and poor or misused punctuation. You can have the most visually appealing image ever created, but if the textual content presented with the graphic has errors you now have a pretty instant distraction. Minor issues with typos may not be a huge deal-breaker, but massive mistakes murder your marketing.

4. Appreciate Whitespace

The proper amount of whitespace in a document, on a website, or on any other visual asset can be a tightrope walk. The right amount of whitespace presents a cleaner, more sophisticated look. Too much white space can make your audience think that you didn't know what to say or forgot to add an element.

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