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A cell phone showing images of the Lead Form Extension through Google Ads

Posted on 12/16/2020 at 10:00 AM

New enhancements to the Lead Form extension in Google Ads are just waiting to assist you…

When it comes to seeing the rising success of your business, one thing you rely on is sales leads. And you really don’t want just any kind of lead - these need to be fast, high-quality leads that get you in touch with the target audience.

Thanks to a variety of free tools out there for digital marketing, getting these kinds of leads is totally possible. But thanks to Google Ads and some newly released enhancements to their Lead Form extensions, the leads you want (and need) just became even easier.

These two new key features give the ability to better control and streamline advertisements to prospects, which creates more efficiency in ad creation and lead management.

Lead Form Extensions - What Are They?

We’ve talked a lot about the process of moving a prospect from a point of curiosity to a full-fledge, high-quality customer. With so many things vying for our attention, even getting a person to respond to a call to action (CTA) and move through the sales funnel can be difficult. That’s one of the reasons tracking a user’s movements through the sales process has become so important.

As tracking tools have grown in sophistication, so have the needs of marketers and advertisers. There has been a growing demand for touchpoints to be measured prior to the point of sale and to do so in pretty seamless ways without too much human intervention.

About a year ago Google created a new ad extension to capture customer information through the use of a lead generation form. Its creation allowed users to submit their information right from the search, display, Discovery, or YouTube ad experience.

Although it proved to be a helpful tool for marketing campaigns, some of its drawbacks have been eliminated thanks to the newly announced enhancements.

Sharing Made Easy

With a simple click, any Google Ad campaign type can now more easily apply and share Lead Form extensions. They are effortlessly added through the “Ads and Extensions” option:

Global Reach example of Where to find the Lead Form Extension on Google Ads

The next step asks advertisers to create the lead form, submission message, and ad copy.

Global Reach Screenshot demonstrating proper lead form on google ads

Part of the extension includes pre-made questions. Spend less time generating ideas about the best question(s) to ask a prospect, and use one that’s been pre-made! The answers gathered will gain helpful information that can then get routed to the correct sales team or be input to the right email list, or even help create new ads that will end up being a real lead magnet.

And in case you’re curious, the pre-made questions in the lead form are organized by industry. After selecting the general category, an expansion arrow can be clicked, and a further list of industry-specific questions will appear. 

This is a great tool to take advantage of within the lead form because you will receive additional details about a prospect as well as filter out those less desirable leads, and even eliminate answers from bots!

Saving Time with Automation

When Lead Forms were originally created, getting the information was not quick or necessarily easy. It required some manual work by advertisers, including downloading the data into a file, saving it, and then uploading the information where it was needed.

Although they weren’t hard steps to take, advertisers reported delays to email campaigns being sent or sales team members being able to connect with the prospect. And in a world when people want things as quickly as possible, this manual process needed to be addressed. Losing a lead or engagement due to timeliness isn’t going to work with online advertising.

So, Lead Forms can now be connected via a webhook or Zapier. This makes the collection of information immediately available and automatically places it in a specific email list or CRM. The advertiser no longer has to touch anything; it’s faster, it’s easier, it’s more efficient.

It’s easy to set-up, too, since it’s a part of the Lead Form extension setup. You can find it under the “Call to Action” section, and it’s labeled “Lead delivery option”.

Global Reach sample of lead delivery options with the leads extension in Google Ads

Get the Leads You Need in 2021

Connecting people with businesses happens in different ways. Being creative about how you gain leads is important. According to Google, one in three shoppers would rather buy from a company that provides a wide range of ways to reach them.

Although we already know having an effective call to action is essential (every landing page should have a call to action button!), moving a lead from the top of the sales funnel to the bottom of the funnel is the ultimate goal.

So, go beyond just getting leads this next year. Get high-quality leads quickly by using Google Ads Lead Form extensions.

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