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2021 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

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Posted on 04/21/2021 at 01:40 PM

Your *UPDATED* Ultimate Free Guide to Social Media Image Sizing

Humans are visual creatures. To win at social media strategy, savvy content marketers need to create thumb-stopping (on-brand) visuals that command attention and provide value. A great way to make life easier and still create memorable content is to re-purpose what works well on one platform and use it again on other platforms. In fact, our studies show that the law of diminishing returns doesn't kick in on content until the 3rd re-purposed share!

What's the best size for photos on social media?

There is only one problem: Each platform seems to have different preferred sizes for images and video content and once you seem to have them all down, the platforms change on you. Nothing ruins a great piece of content quite like pixelation and image stretching. To future-proof this, it's important to understand the sizing requirements for images on each platform. This ensures your audience sees all of the messages you want them to see, optimized for their social channel's feed.

Global Reach's 2021 Social Media Photo Sizing Guide

To help you get ahead, Global Reach is opening up our toolbox and sharing the tools our team uses for ourselves and our clients!

We know that not all businesses are on every platform, along with a full-sized infographic, we're also providing a platform-by-platform breakdown. For easier navigation feel free to jump to the platform of your choice!


Facebook Pinterest Twitter Instagram Tumblr Google My Business LinkedIn



Image of the 2021 Facebook Image Size guide by Global Reach

Facebook Image Sizes

We recommend always using the highest-quality image possible in the file format recommended by Facebook for the best results.

  • Preferred File Type

    • .PNG or .JPG

  • Profile Picture

    • 180 X 180 Pixels

      • Note: Profile pictures display at 180 X 180 pixels on desktop but 128 X 128 on mobile.

  • Cover Photo

    • 820 X 320 Pixels

  • Image Posts

    • 1200 X 630 Pixels

  • UPDATE: Carousel Display Posts/Ads

    • 1200 X 1200 Pixels

      • Note: 1:1 ratio

  • Link Posts

    • 1200 X 627 Pixels

  • UPDATE: Panorama (360 Photos for interactive content!)

    • 30,000 Pixels in any dimension (less than 135,000,000 total size)

  • Event Cover Photos

    • 1200 X 620 Pixels

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Image of the Pinterest image sizing guide by Global Reach

Pinterest Image Sizes

Remember that Pinterest is an idea board. People often look to Pinterest when seeking ideas on what to buy to improve their life! It's great for e-Commerce platforms and spreading worthwhile ideas!

  • Preferred File Type

    • .PNG or .JPG

  • Profile Picture

    • 165 X 165 Pixels

      • Note: Image will be presented in a circle, so make sure your logo or profile picture looks okay cropped to this shape!

  • Profile Cover Photo

    • 656 X 369 Pixels (bare minimum)

      • For best results we recommend a larger cover photo like 800 x 450 Pixels in the 16:9 aspect ratio)

  • Pinterest Pins

    • 1000 X 1500 Pixels

      • For Square Pins: 1000 X 1000 Pixels

  • UPDATE: Story Pins

    • 10800 X 1920 Pixels

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Twitter Image Sizes

Tweets with images are at least 3X more likely to get engagement so you want to make sure that every pixel makes the best impression!

  • Preferred File Type

    • PNG, JPG, or GIF

  • Profile Picture

    • 400 X 400 Pixels

  • Cover (Header) Photo

    • 1500 X 500 Pixels

      • Note: Cover photo aspect ratio is 3:1. Because it'll look different on different devices, we recommend using the largest image possible.

  • Image & Link Post Photos

    • 1024 X 512 Pixels

  • UPDATE: Twitter Fleets Image Size

    • 1080 X 1920 Pixels

      • Note: Fleets are not currently on Desktop

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Image of the Instagram image size guide by Global Reach

Instagram Image Sizes

Instagram is arguably the original photo-sharing social platform, designed with the goal to make anyone with a phone into a photographer. With the ability to add thumbnail images to Reels, IGTV Videos, and carousel posts, Instagram has multiple opportunities to create thumb-stopping content. The platform has come a long way since its original square-image-only days!

  • Profile Picture

    • 180 X 180 Pixels (is the minimum. Instagram stores your profile picture at 320 X 320 Pixels, so we recommend it's at least that size!)

      • Note: Profile images are displayed as a cropped circle.

  • Image Posts

    • 1080 X 1080 Pixels

  • Instagram Stories

    • 1080 X 1920 Pixels
      • 9:16 aspect ratio
  • UPDATE: Instagram Reels

    • 1080 X 1920 Pixels

      • 9:16 aspect ratio

      • Note: Previews shown in-feed are shown as 1080 X 1080 Pixel, 15-second videos so make sure the first 15 seconds grabs attention to encourage engagement!

  • UPDATE: IGTV Posts

    • 1080 X 1920 Pixels

      • Cover Photo: 420 X 654 Pixels

      • aspect ratio: 9:16

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Image of the Tumblr Image Sizing Guide by Global Reach

Tumblr Image Sizes

  • Profile Picture

    • 128 X 128 Pixels

  • Image Post

    • 500 X 750 Pixels

  • Banner Size

    • 3000 X 1055 Pixels

  • UPDATE: Tumblr Audio Post Image

    • 169 X 169 Pixels

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Image of Google My Business Image Size Guide for 2021 by Global Reach

Google My Business Image Sizes

Do you remember Google's failed experiment "G+?" Not all of the features of the platform went to waste. Google My Business is a fantastic way to optimize your company's SEO and maximize front page exposure with their own "social space," Google My Business Posts! (Learn more about how to grab Google's lowest hanging SEO Fruit here.)

  • Profile Picture

    • 250 X 250 Pixels

      • Note: This is typically your logo and should look good cropped to a circle shape.

  • Image or Link Post

    • 800 X 600 Pixels

  • Cover Photo

    • 1080 X 608 Pixels

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Image of the 2021 LinkedIn Image Sizing Guide by Global Reach

LinkedIn Image Sizes

LinkedIn has different sizes for professional profiles and for LinkedIn Business profiles. Knowing the difference can help your company (and its employees) put their best digital professional foot forward!

  • LinkedIn Business Profile Image (Logo)

    • 300 X 300 Pixels

  • LinkedIn Business Hero Image

    • 1128 X 376 Pixels

  • LinkedIn Business Background Image

    • 15360 X 768 Pixels

  • LinkedIn Business Banner

    • 646 X 225 Pixels

  • Personal Profile Image

    • 400 X 400 Pixels

  • Personal Cover Photo

    • 1584 X 396 Pixels

  • Image Post

    • 1200 X 1200 Pixels

  • Link Post

    • 1200 X 628 Pixels

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GRIP PRO TIP: Social media strategy is a science that requires the consideration of many factors to be successful. What content should you post? How often should you post to which platform? The list of questions seems to go on and on. Fortunately, thanks to a recent article posted by the American Marketing Association, knowing when to post can be a breeze! Just pick your platform and go!

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Having great content is nothing without a great strategy behind it! At Global Reach, our team of digital marketing experts is ready to help you determine the best path to reach your goals! From asset application to ongoing strategy, we're here to help any way we can!

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