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Taking Advantage of Holiday Marketing

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Posted on 08/25/2021 at 10:30 AM

Why is holiday marketing so important and effective?

Holidays present a huge opportunity for unique and engaging marketing and can have a variety of lasting benefits. Taking advantage of holiday marketing can lead to increased customer following and engagement, which boosts sales and brand awareness. Holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas open the door to endless possibilities for unique marketing. 

Importance and Effectiveness  

Higher Demand

During the holiday season, there is a surge in demand for products and services as consumers are buying not only for themselves but others as well. This increase in demand means consumers are actively looking to buy more so than other times of the year when there tends to be more window shopping. This surge in demand poses an opportunity for marketers to reach consumers who have never tried or heard of your products or services before.

Sense of Urgency

Given that the holidays occur during a specific day or time period, consumers experience a sense of urgency that is not usually present throughout the rest of the year. This makes buying behavior less passive and more active, increasing consumers’ willingness to buy. 

Strategy Ideas for Holiday Marketing

New Product Launch

Holidays like Halloween and Christmas offer the perfect opportunity to launch a new product that is tailored to fit that holiday. New and fun holiday-themed products can catch the consumers’ eye and bring in more traffic to your website and social media. New products also help in retaining existing customers by showing that you are offering fresh and different products and services.

Highlight Existing Products with Promotions 

All holidays, especially Black Friday, present a great opportunity to highlight existing items that you want to draw more attention to. Consumers expect sales, coupons, and other promotions around the holiday season. Offering deals drive more consumers to your website and make them more likely to buy instead of just browsing. This not only brings in new customers but also keeps previous customers coming back for more, even after the holiday season. 

Maximize your Content

Holiday content gives you a unique opportunity to get creative with advertisements and social media posts. This can help switch up the everyday content consumers have grown used to seeing. Use the holiday season as an opportunity to try new marking tactics that you don’t normally use. 
This can mean making a fun and festive video or creating content that makes your brand more personable. Social media posts and ads that are more lighthearted or that have a heartwarming touch can make your business feel more relatable. When customers identify with your messaging and brand they are more likely to trust and engage with your business. 

Key Tips to Effective Holiday Marketing 

Start Early

Every year consumers start their holiday shopping earlier and earlier, likewise, most businesses start running holiday advertising and promotions well before the actual holiday. Stay competitive and avoid rushing or delays by having a strategy far in advance of the holiday you are planning for. 

Target the Right Audience 

Knowing your target audience is crucial when deciding how and where to market your holiday campaign. Do you want your product to be seen by consumers who will be buying it for themselves or as a gift? Are you trying to reach all audiences, or a specific age or gender demographic? Asking these questions can guide how you frame an ad or post and where you chose to share it. 

Make an Investment 

The holiday season is a critical time for content promotion so consider paying for different promotional options. Sponsored ads on web pages or boosted posts, as well as “shop now” ads on social media are all great options. With heightened competition during the holiday season, it’s time to invest more in marketing to make sure your content stands out from the rest. 

The Bottom Line  

The holiday season comes with increased competition but also with the opportunity to make your business stand out. Taking advantage of increased demand and consumers’ intent to purchase can provide extraordinary growth for both customer acquisition and retention. The holidays allow you to try new marketing strategies and create more entertaining and unique content. However you choose to go about it, taking advantage of holiday marketing can bring about benefits during and well beyond the holiday season. 

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