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5 Ways A Graphic Designer Can Help Grow Your Business

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Posted on 02/08/2023 at 10:00 AM

With so many dynamic aspects of an overarching business strategy, graphic design services are often overlooked. Whether this is due to budgets or the idea that graphic design can be done yourself, skimping out on professional graphic design services can end up costing you more in the long run. 

If you’re a business owner asking yourself “Why should I hire a graphic designer?”, the answer boils down to three interrelated answers. 

  1. Time: Taking the time to create all your own visual assets will likely take you a lot longer than it would for someone who does it for a living. Even if you can crank out a logo design, brochure design, etc., odds are it won’t be of the quality that a professional graphic designer could produce. Additionally, creating all of the marketing collateral your business needs requires the experience and expertise to create strong, consistent visual assets that match your brand identity. 
  2. Expertise: Time and quality are some of the most basic benefits hiring a graphic designer provides. But the benefit of expertise entails a lot more beneath the surface. There is a lot more nuance to good graphic design and certain graphic design rules and best practices that aren’t apparent to the average joe. A professional graphic designer can bridge the gap between your own goals and ideas and best practices for visual media. A graphic designer has experience with many different forms of visual media across a variety of industries and can tell you what ideas may not be worth it and propose alternatives that you may have never even considered. 
  3. Money: The cost of hiring a graphic designer, be it for a one-time project or ongoing graphic design services, ends up paying for itself ten times over. While you have to pay for graphic design services, you avoid expenses associated with doing it alone.
    1. Opportunity Costs
      1. Time: Time wasted trying to create high-quality marketing collateral without expertise vs. the time you could have spent doing what you specialize in. This is especially true when the graphics created result in weak branding or inconsistent branding. 
      2. Mistakes: Say you design a logo for a print advertising campaign and then pay to have that logo printed on flyers, keychains, mugs, posters, etc. What looked good in the digital version, may not look good in print. Or the time, money, and materials spent on a rebranding campaign turn out to be ill-received or ineffective. These are two of many instances where costly mistakes can be made with DIY graphic design. 

5 Ways Hiring A Graphic Designer Can Enhance Your Business

1) Unify Your Brand Across All Media With Custom Style Guide Design

A style guide is essentially a reference handbook for the formatting and design of any of your brand's visual collateral. A professional graphic designer can create a detailed guidebook to help ensure that your brand identity is strong and consistent across social media, website design visuals, printed materials, etc. 

A custom style guide can be shared within your company so that all materials being put out to the public match your branding guidelines. A style guide provides great templates for enhancing your branding on both digital and print platforms, all while saving your company time, money, and stress. 

2) Keep Users On Your Website Longer With More Visually Appealing Graphics

website graphic design by Global ReachNo matter how a user lands on one of your website pages, immediately capturing their interest is vital to keeping them on the website and ultimately making a conversion. The line between engaging and eye-catching graphics and graphics that are busy or overwhelming is a thin one. An expertly done website graphic catches a user's eye and subtly entices them to learn more about whatever product or service the page is promoting. 

These website graphics can also be repurposed as social media graphics to enhance your social media marketing efforts!

3) Generate New Leads By Bringing Your Print Media Into The 21st Century

While some may think that print media is a dying digital marketing strategy, expertly done print media can be extremely effective. Printed media can be vital in a wide variety of areas.

  • Business Cards: Break away from boring, forgettable business cards with modern, attractive business cards. By playing around with the layout, color schemes, texture, and more, graphic designers can create a business card that is made to stand out.
  • brochure design by Global ReachSignage Design: If your business has a physical location, the sign on your storefront can be the difference between potential customers driving past or deciding to stop in.
  • Brochures & Flyers: Well-designed handouts catch a potential consumer's eye and give them a snapshot of your services/products/special offers/events. While a social media post can be easily scrolled by or a phone call ignored, when you hand someone a physical item, they are far more likely to look at it and remember it.
  • Branded Freebies: Give potential customers something tangible and useful to remember your business by! Branded coffee mugs, bottle openers, magnets, etc. make someone think of your brand every time they use the item. This helps build brand awareness and the more familiar a consumer is with a brand, the more likely they are to buy from it. 

4) Build Your Brand Awareness With Branding That Stays In Consumer's Minds 

logo design by Global ReachA brand refresh or complete brand redesign can help create a stronger and more cohesive brand identity for your business. From logo design to website banners to print design and everything in between, graphic designers can help create a brand identity that best represents your brand while also sticking in consumers' minds. 

The right logo layout and color palette are vital when creating a legible, understandable logo. A branded infographic design connects important facts and figures with your business. A signature mascot for your brand stays with a consumer more than a slogan. And the list goes on! With professional graphic design services, your brand identity can be custom tailored for maximum impact. 

5) Get More For Your Money By Choosing The Right Type Of Graphic Designer  

When it comes to figuring out what kind of graphic designer to hire, there are lots of options. You could hire a dedicated internal graphic designer, a freelance graphic designer, or employ the services of a graphic design agency. There are pros and cons to each option, but there is another option that comes with even more bang for your buck. With a graphic designer that works for a company with service offerings beyond that of a typical graphic design company, there are a variety of added benefits. 

At a company like Global Reach, our expert graphic designers work hand in hand with other departments, such as digital marketing, web design, and web development, to produce the most effective visual assets. These graphic designers not only understand the rules of graphic design and graphic design best practices, but concepts relating to web design and digital marketing as well. QR codes with UTM codes can be added to print advertisements to measure the success of a print marketing campaign. Website graphics are designed with WCAG compliance in mind so that your website isn’t going against any WCAG guidelines. These are just a few of the many examples of added value that come with choosing graphic design services from a multi-disciplinary company such as Global Reach!

Every Graphic Design Service You Could Possibly Need, All At One Award-Winning Company 

From logo design to website design, email design, image editing, packaging design, and more, get the most out of your visual assets with Global Reach. See the difference that professional graphic design services can make for your business today! 

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