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How To Install Google Analytics 4 With Google Tag Manager

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Posted on 05/24/2023 at 09:30 AM

Looking to save time and avoid having to edit code while setting up your website analytics? By setting up a configuration tag in GTM, you can effortlessly deploy GA4 tracking across your entire website without the need for manual coding. This simplifies the tracking process and saves you valuable time and resources. 

In addition to easier setup, Google Tag Manager's advanced features, such as triggers and variables, can be utilized to create more advanced custom reports. In this Google Analytics 4 tutorial, we’ll show you how to connect your website to Google Analytics 4 using Google Tag Manager! 

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What You'll Need

  • A Google Tag Manager container that is fully set up on your website.
  • A GA4 property.
  • Your Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID (e.g. G-12345) - we’ll show you how to find this.

How To Connect Your Website To GA4 With Google Tag Manager

Step 1. Getting Started

Set up your Google Analytics 4 property and retrieve your measurement ID by going to Admin > Data Streams and clicking on the clipboard button next to the G-code.

how to set up Google Analytics 4 tutorial

how to set up Google Analytics 4 tutorial

Step 2. Create A New Tag

Head over to your fully set up Google Tag Manager container and select the option to create a new tag.

how to set up Google Analytics 4 tutorial - google analytics 4 tags

Step 3. Confirm Tag 

Under Tag Configuration, ensure that you are selecting "Google Analytics: GA4 Configuration". 

how to set up Google Analytics 4 tutorial - tag manager Google

Step 4. Enter Your Measurement ID 

Put the Measurement ID that you copied into the dedicated Measurement ID box.

how to set up Google Analytics 4 tutorial - GA4 tracking code

Step 5. Add A Trigger

Next, proceed to click on the trigger section to add a trigger to complement the tag.

how to set up Google Analytics 4 tutorial - google tag configuration

Step 6. Select Your Pages

Select the “All Pages” trigger. This ensures that all pages are encompassed when firing the Google Analytics code.

how to set up Google Analytics 4 tutorial

Step 7. Name Your Tag/Trigger

Go ahead and name your Tag/Trigger. It is recommended that you stick to something relatively simple since it can be tricky to distinguish between your tags if they aren’t named accordingly.

how to set up Google Analytics 4 tutorial

Step 8. Publish

Click submit, and head over to your Google Analytics property. You should see that data collection is active in a matter of minutes!

how to set up Google Analytics 4 tutorial

Key Takeaway

Connecting your website to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with Google Tag Manager simplifies the analytics setup process and provides more robust tracking options. You can easily add additional tags, set up custom events, and track specific user interactions without relying on developers. Moreover, Google Tag Manager offers advanced features like triggers and variables, enabling you to customize and fine-tune your GA4 implementation to suit your unique business needs. 

By connecting your website to GA4 through Google Tag Manager, you streamline the process, gain greater control, and unlock the full potential of GA4 analytics.

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