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Why Choose Real Images Over Stock Photos

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A Global Reach digital marketer points out the benefits of using real images instead of stock images on social media and websites.

Posted on 02/22/2024 at 10:30 AM

In the online world, pictures and videos are extremely important, often more so than text. They're the key to getting people's attention and making them trust what they see. For businesses navigating the realms of websites and social media, the use of authentic, real images can make a world of difference. Here's why it's crucial to ditch stock photos in favor of genuine visuals:

Build a Unique Brand Identity

Employing real images allows businesses to craft a unique brand identity. Stock images, often generic and detached, fail to convey a brand's personality and values. Authentic visuals showcase real people, products, or experiences, resonating better with the audience and fostering a deeper connection.

Imagine a clothing brand showcasing real customers wearing this season’s outfits instead of stock photos. This not only displays the products but also portrays relatable and genuine experiences, enticing shoppers to engage and potentially make a purchase.

Impact on Purchase Decisions

MDG Advertising recently conducted a survey showing that 67% of online shoppers prioritize high-quality images when making purchase decisions. These visuals carry immense weight, often influencing whether a potential customer hits that "buy" button or moves on. Real images resonate better with audiences, fostering a sense of authenticity and trust.

A restaurant showcasing real snapshots of delighted customers enjoying their meals portrays a genuine dining experience, creating a personal connection with potential patrons far better than generic stock images ever could.

Community Engagement and Trust

Real images foster community engagement and trust. When businesses share real customer stories or experiences visually, it humanizes the brand, encouraging interaction, and building a sense of trust among consumers.

A fitness brand sharing real before-and-after pictures of clients achieves more credibility than if they used stock images. This transparency and authenticity resonate with potential customers looking for genuine results and experiences.

Avoiding Overused Stock Photos

The pitfalls of stock images became evident with Jennifer Anderson's story back in 1996. After a single photo shoot with a stock photo service, Anderson's image was spotted for years on the websites of all kinds of industries, from technology companies like Samsung and Microsoft to financial institutions like U.S. Bank and H&R Block. This overuse eroded the uniqueness and authenticity these brands aimed to convey.

Global Reach Can Help

The impact of using real images on websites and social media is profound. They not only influence purchase decisions but also contribute to crafting a unique brand identity, fostering trust, and nurturing deeper connections with the audience. Stepping away from stock photos can lead to a more authentic and engaging online presence, enhancing the overall customer experience. Let Global Reach advise you on social media and website photography and videography. Our comprehensive digital marketing services cover everything from email marketing and Google Ads to creative strategy consulting. Let us help your business grow!

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