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Global Reach Helps a Global Leader in the Agriculture Industry: Becker Underwood

May 25, 2012

 June 15, 2012 

Global Reach recently launched an interactive website for a global leader in the agriculture sector, Becker Underwood. The new website can be found at

The new website is aimed at providing the customer with updated information in an easy to use format. With the use of Global Reach technologies, Becker Underwood was able to fulfill this undertaking. Some of the features of their new website include: finding a sales representative using the Find-a-Representative tool, video, upgraded photography of products, searchable fields to pinpoint exactly what the customer is looking for, and up-to-date info on news releases.

In a news release recently posted on Becker Underwood’s updated site Charles Whitt, Becker Underwood’s Communications Director, U.S., and Mexico said “This is a bold new step to make the first place people look at for our types of products. We will continue to refine the site to provide answers to the questions our customers are asking. A new powerful Solutions Finder feature will be rolled out in early Fall to enhance the site further.”

The Solutions Finder feature is not all we have to look forward to in the coming months. Currently, the redesign applied only to the U.S. and Mexico markets and the products associated with this area. Throughout the next few months, Becker Underwood and Global Reach plan to expand this updated website to the remaining regions of the world and their specific products.

The website was developed on Global Reach’s SiteViz Premier. SiteViz Premier is a powerful content management system for larger businesses and organizations. SiteViz Premier provides the capability to manage more than one website from a single user interface. It even lets you share content, images, documents, and other media between the sites.

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