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Global Reach Honored as Prometheus Award Finalist for Business Product of the Year

March 17, 2006

Global Reach was named a finalist for the 2006 Business Product of the Year Prometheus Award by the Technology Association of Iowa for their development and release of PropertyFusion.

PropertyFusion is a web-based application that powers real estate websites. The product has some very robust features, yet is very easy to operate. Users of the system are able to manage and update their own website content.

"We're honored to have been named a finalist for the award," commented Iacovos Zachariades, President of Global Reach. "Having received recognition in this category for two consecutive years clearly demonstrates our ability to perceive clients' needs and create compelling products."

"It was very important that the product be exceptionally feature-rich but most of all, extremely user-friendly," added Dale Bentlage, Vice President for Business Development of Global Reach. "Real estate agents want to spend their time selling homes. That means that they are having open houses, generating listings and helping clients find their dream homes. They don't want to spend a lot of time managing their website."

One of the advanced features of PropertyFusion is that it automatically imports listings for each company and agent every night from their MLS database. "It adds new listings and automatically updates existing listings that have any changes, such as a price reduction," added Zachariades.

The product has been well received in the marketplace. In the short time since it's introduction, it has become the #1 most used product by real estate companies within Iowa to power their websites. Their list of clients includes Iowa Realty and First Realty.

PropertyFusion can be used to create websites for both real estate companies or individual agents. Zachariades added, “We can create a unique design for each site, whether it is for a company with a lot of agents or a single agent looking for a convenient, affordable website presence.

This marks the second consecutive year that Global Reach has received recognition in this category of the Technology Association of Iowa awards. In 2005, Global Reach's eGlobalStores product was named the Business Product of the Year. That product is an advanced e-commerce platform that allows clients to easily manage their online e-commerce presence.

In 2004, the Technology Association of Iowa named Global Reach the Iowa Technology Company of the Year.

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