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Global Reach Meets With The White House

November 14, 2022


Global Reach Internet Productions is proud to announce that its National Outages & Mutual Aid (NOMA) system was prominently featured in a White House meeting hosted by Deputy U.S. Technology Officer Denice Ross. Taylor Wolf of Global Reach attended the meeting along with several other vendors to discuss the expansion of the Outage Data Initiative Nationwide (ODIN) project. The ODIN program, spearheaded by Oakridge National Laboratories, seeks to establish a comprehensive standard for the open sharing of data between utilities nationwide.

Out of all the vendors in attendance, NOMA was the only participant with an efficient and fully functional national outage mapping solution. NOMA is the market and data leader in its field, serving customers in 27 states and rapidly expanding into new areas. While NOMA does not currently share its information with the ODIN project, it is exploring ways to participate in ODIN while maintaining its integrity and trust with the NOMA customer base. 

NOMA Meeting at White HouseDeputy U.S. Technology Officer Denice Ross stated that a current goal of the ODIN project is to expand into underserved areas to better collect data on electrical grid performance and outages. A more complete data picture of our electrical grid will allow the federal government to efficiently allocate funding and resources for infrastructure updates and resiliency improvement in the years to come

Investment in a modernized, resilient, and capable electrical grid is critical as the United States embraces the burgeoning Electric Revolution. NOMA and Global Reach Internet Productions are proud to be industry-leading partners in this revolution and will continue to innovate as the nation moves towards energy independence and sustainability. We look forward to helping the government update and strengthen our electrical infrastructure to the benefit of every person in the country

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