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Global Reach Participates in the HyperStream Ambassador's Program

October 7, 2008

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Global Reach is one of 30 Iowa technology firms participating in the Technology Association of Iowa’s HyperStream Ambassador Program. Launched today, October 1st, local businesses will partner with high schools, giving Iowa students the chance to be mentored by leading industry executives, while learning about the brilliant new fields and opportunities available in technology. Global Reach is excited to help in cultivating this awareness and innovation by partnering with Ames High School.

“This is a unique chance for us to interact with the new generation, and help gear their mindset and enthusiasm for continuing on in the technology industry. Besides being fun for all participants, this is a mutual opportunity to invest in the future,” said Chris Taulborg, Global Reach Project Manager and HyperStream Ambassador.

Through the Technology Association of Iowa (TAI) implementation of HyperStream, Iowa will be reinforced as a technology state and will build a strong industry workforce, setting a national precedent.

“Technology drives every part of the world around us, and we want the next generation to be as invested and prepared for that as possible. HyperStream will funnel this energy into a fresh, creative approach to raising enrollment in technological higher education programs and careers,” said Leann Jacobson, President of TAI. Global Reach will be involved with Ames High School through numerous activities, including a frequent classroom presence that demonstrates this message through multimedia presentations, job-shadowing, support in statewide competitions, and mentoring students to pursue technology careers.

About Technology Association of Iowa: TAI is a member-based, not-for-profit organization accelerating the success of Iowa’s technology industry. TAI works to create and sustain a positive environment for technology-based economic growth and job creation through innovation, advocacy, and leadership. TAI members include organizations of every size - involved in virtually every aspect of technology creation, production, application, and education in Iowa. More information about the TAI can be found at its web site, located at

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