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Global Reach Partners with Iowa Finance Authority to build the Iowa Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Program

June 4, 2020

Ames, IA - Global Reach is proud to announce a partnership with the Iowa Finance Authority (IFA) in the creation of the COVID-19 Iowa Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Program.  Last week Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds announced the approval of funds for a program to help Iowans who lost their jobs after March 17th, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The program will assist those at risk of eviction or foreclosure for up to 4 months.

The application, created by Global Reach, matches applicants with various programs to help them avoid losing their home due to unforeseen COVID-19 related circumstances that caused a reduction in income. This is the most recent in a long series of projects with the IFA, which all started in 2005 when Global Reach developed an application to assist with the IFA's relief efforts during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

This was a 3-month project that Global Reach was able to deliver in 10 days by using SiteViz as the foundation for this solution. SiteViz is an enterprise-level CMS and e-commerce solution developed in Iowa by Global Reach. SiteViz is the preferred solution for government agencies that are allowed to have a choice. It is currently serving the needs of:

                Treasurer of the State of Iowa

                Iowa Attorney General

                Iowa Judicial Branch

                Iowa Board of Regents

                Iowa State Auditor

                Iowa Finance Authority

                Iowa Department of Agriculture

When asked about the project, Global Reach President and CEO Iacovos Zachariades said, “This will be a great tool for those who need help. The team at Global Reach did a great job bringing the project to life and I am very proud of the dedication of my team. Utilizing SiteViz, our team completed this three-month project in just 10 days."

The application is hosted at the Global Reach High Availability data center and was developed to be able to handle 100,000 applications on day one.

For more information about the COVID-19 Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Program please visit the Iowa Finance Website.

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About Global Reach

Global Reach was founded in 1995 and is Iowa’s oldest and most experienced web development company. Focusing on the development of advanced applications Global Reach developed SiteViz, a highly secure and scalable enterprise-level CMS that offers e-commerce and intranet solutions among its suite of more than 40 plugins. Global Reach also offers digital marketing services such as SEO and social media consulting.

About Iowa Finance Authority

The Iowa Legislature created the Iowa Finance Authority in 1975 to undertake programs to assist in the attainment of housing for low-and moderate-income Iowans. Since then, the Iowa Finance Authority’s role has grown to include a wide range of affordable housing, water quality, and beginning farmer programs.

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