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Global Reach President to Present at IMAP, Inc. Conference in Instanbul

October 23, 2009

The 2009 Global Mergers & Acquisitions Symposium (hosted by IMAP, Inc.) took place to discuss industry perspectives, successes, and issues. Advisers and leaders from around the world gathered to network and collaborate; among the attendees was Iacovos Zachariades, president of Global Reach.

Mr. Zachariades' presentation focused on an intranet that was developed for IMAP, by Global Reach, with extensive capabilities for cross-team and cross-functional communications. This included an overview of the new online tools and training. He also met with IMAP's Executive Committee to discuss future development needs.

“Global Reach has an excellent working relationship with IMAP,” said Iacovos Zachariades, president of Global Reach. “Their organization continues to expand its influence and it needs a solution that can unquestionably support these ventures. Our company is pleased to continue to provide the very best in advanced web development technology to IMAP.”

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