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Global Reach Speaks to Altoona Chamber of Commerce

February 16, 2024

Altoona, Iowa - On Thursday, February 15th, members of Global Reach’s digital marketing and project management teams traveled to Altoona to give a talk on how AI is reshaping digital marketing. The Altoona Chamber of Commerce hosted this event, which drew around twenty-five members of the chamber.

Global Reach digital marketing consultant Neeve Funston and project manager Tate Rathje provided a brief overview of generative AI and its applications, such as how it can be used as a framework for writing website content, social media, and blogs. Funston covered several prompt engineering strategies, which help users get high-quality generated content from AI tools. Rathje walked the audience through an on-site chatbot, and how this type of AI application can benefit businesses. The presentation was followed by a Q&A, where chamber members asked about the potential drawbacks of AI, how AI will affect the job market, and how to properly manage and edit AI-generated content.

Speaking on the topic of AI and the event, Funston said:

“There’s so much buzz around AI right now, and it was fantastic to speak to folks about how they can utilize this technology to their benefit. Melissa Horton and the Altoona Chamber of Commerce did a great job organizing this event.”

Members of Global Reach's digital marketing and project management teams at the Altoona Chamber of Commerce speaking on AI.

About Global Reach

Since 1995, Global Reach has been creating websites for a wide variety of industries with diverse service offerings and website functionality needs. Over the years, Global Reach has grown to offer comprehensive online services from digital marketing to IT support and more. With the recent launch of a dedicated SiteViz CMS website, Global Reach is excited to bring feature-rich, hyper-secure, and customizable content management solutions to businesses and organizations around the world.

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