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April 2023 New Website Launches

April 28, 2023

April was a diverse month for website design projects for the web designers and developers at Global Reach. With client industries ranging from sewer and septic services, custom bronze sculptures, and wealth management services to online sports betting, our team enjoyed creating a wide range of unique websites this month. 

Read about the unique challenges and solutions in April's new website launches!

Bennett Studio

April Website Design Projects - Global Reach

The Challenge 

Bennett Studio specializes in classically rendered sculptures of humans and animals in a diverse range of materials, project formats, and sizes. The client had an old website that had a dated design and was not user-friendly or optimized for SEO. Additionally, the website was uneditable due to not having a content management system. It also collected contact submissions in an email inbox, where some submissions would get lost due to the site not having a database to store submissions. Bennett Studio wanted a modern-looking website that they could easily edit as new sculptures and art pieces were completed.

The Solution

A new SiteViz website was created that featured a visually appealing, modern design that is user-friendly and meets all of the clients' unique functionality needs. The photo albums module makes it easy to categorize and display all of Bennett Studio's completed artwork, and the submission forms module was utilized to collect submissions and store them in the database for future reference. Using SiteViz's photo editor, all images were optimized for web use, improving SEO performance and overall user experience. In addition to website speed optimization, optimized content was also added to improve the new website's search engine rankings as soon as the website was launched. 

Hello Lucky Sports 

April Website Design Projects - Global Reach

The Challenge 

The founder of Hello Lucky Sports had a special talent for picking winners for sports betting and realized his unique skill could be used as a business opportunity. To make his dream a reality, he needed a website that allowed users to sign up through a very simple platform to receive access to his daily picks. Because sports betting is a unique industry, he had a unique set of specifications. The site needed to be flashy and bold, yet also refined enough to feel reputable. It needed to allow daily memberships for the occasional better as well as recurring weekly and monthly subscriptions for those who more frequently visit sportsbooks. It also needed to be on a platform that was secure enough to handle sensitive payment information. 

The Solution

Global Reach developed the new Hello Lucky Sports website on the SiteViz Premier platform using its robust membership management system. The site is integrated with Authorize.Net to accept one-time and recurring payments for a seamless membership experience. Picks are added to the administrative website each morning, emailed to members, and posted on the members-only portion of the website at 10 AM every day.

To increase the credibility of the daily picks, Global Reach developed a 30-day rolling calendar, which is publicly accessible on the site. Each day a website administrator marks the previous day's picks as winners or not, and the results are posted on the calendar. The winning percentage on the top of the page is automatically populated based on the winning ratio.

To entice new members to sign up, there is a free pick each day. The website administrator designates one pick each day as the free pick, and if a prospective member enters their email address on the website they can view the pick. Global Reach developed this functionality in such a way that an email address can be used only once.

Rogers Septic Maintenace & Repair

April Website Design Projects - Global Reach

The Challenge 

Rogers Septic is a fast-growing company that is now composed of three companies (Rogers Septic, Forest Septic, and Country Side Septic). The client was trying to manage three different WordPress websites and a range of third-party integrations. The domains, DNS, and websites were all hosted by different companies making managing all aspects of the websites complex and overwhelming.

The client was ready to consolidate into one streamlined, user-friendly website. Not only did Rogers Septic want to consolidate their websites, but also their third-party vendors and hosting and domain management services. 

The Solution

Global Reach helped Rogers Septic not only consolidate its content into one website using the SiteViz CMS but also offered the functionality to replace the third-party vendors previously being used. Global Reach also helped the client consolidate its hosting and domain management services. Global Reach now provides hosting, domain registration, and DNS management for Rogers Septic's website and domains. Global Reach also set up and manages domain redirects for Rogers Septic. With everything being managed under one roof, Rogers Septic no longer has to experience the headaches of tracking down several vendors.

Rogers Septic is now able to promote the services they offer, provide answers to frequently asked questions, showcase images of its work, and allow site visitors to order services in one easy-to-use location. The new Rogers Septic site also features testimonials promoting completed work, and customers can even request quotes and make payments for services on the site. 

Desla Wealth Management

April Website Design Projects - Global Reach

The Challenge

Desla Wealth Management is an independent financial services firm located in West Des Moines that was established in 2015. Desla was looking to upgrade from their previous CMS, which was not user-friendly and used dated website styling. Additionally, many aspects of the old website were not meeting SEO best practices, and Desla wanted their new website to be optimized for both user experience and search engines. 

The Solution

Desla chose one of Global Reach's SiteViz website templates, "Metric", which provided an easy-to-navigate homepage with an embedded submission form for users to reach out with questions. The form was kept simple so there will be no confusion when making a submission, and the buttons were customized to have bold text to make them even more readable for the older generation. With the new website design, the site was cleaned up and optimized to remove the previous site content that was actually hurting SEO, and new optimized content was added to provide SEO value.

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