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When Is It Time To Redesign?

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woman thinking if it is time to redesign her website

How do you know when it's time to redesign your website? Technology and tastes change all the time, but how can you know when the investment of a website redesign will be worth it?

1. If your website isn't responsive yet

How does your website perform on mobile devices? Perhaps the number 1 reason to redesign a business website is to go with a responsive design. Responsive websites not only make it easy for your visitors to browse your website on their phones, but Google is penalizing websites for bad mobile accessibility. 

​A responsive redesign can be an opportunity to do a complete structural and visual overhaul, but you can save time and money by making an existing website design responsive.

2. You need a new content strategy

Design isn't just about how a website looks – it's also about how a website is laid out. If you are reconsidering marketing copy, social media integration, or are zeroing in on a more refined target audience, a website redesign can make all the difference. Maximizing the homepage layout to highlight your most important messages is a key part to a successful content strategy update.

3. The look is outdated

Everything changes. As the years go by, fashion, architecture, and cinema all go through aesthetic evolutions and trends. As society and technology evolve, so do web design trends. Keeping your look up-to-date isn't about chasing fads, it's about staying current.  A thoughtful website redesign to stay abreast of current web design trends can position your brand as modern and tuned-in to the market.

4. You're ready with new branding

If you've recently updated your business brand, or are in the process of doing so, it's imperative your website rolls out a new look simultaneously. A brand update is the perfect opportunity for a website redesign.  (And vice-versa!)  A brand is much more than a logo, so just swapping out the image in the header isn't going to be enough to unify your brand across your most important platforms. A thorough redesign could be your best bet. 

5. Your SEO isn't where you want it

What's the use of a website if no one can find it? Design has a lot of influence on a website's Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Updates to the code, layout, content, and aesthetic can get your search page ranking up where it should be. 

Redesign for the right reasons

The scope of a website redesign is up to you. Sometimes a few small changes can accomplish your goals, and sometimes a total refresh is needed. The most important part of making a website redesign effective is to be sure of your objectives. A redesign without direction can be costly, drawn-out, and distracting to users. 


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