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We are excited to celebrate our 30th year of business in 2025, and to show our appreciation to the community, we are giving away six FREE websites to Iowa-based organizations. Click here to apply to be considered for the giveaway.


ENGAGE: Global Reach Engage | March 2015

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Issued March 31, 2015

Located at the very bottom of a page, a website's footer may seem like an afterthought. Regardless of its position, a footer is a valuable space. Users who bother to scroll all the way to the footer are on a mission. They know to reference this area for important info just as they know to flip to the index to find information in a book. Read on to find out what information your footer should provide!

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As mobile use rises, it's becoming more and more important that we adapt to the needs of an audience on-the-go. Not convinced? You aren't alone. Sometimes it's easier to make objections than it is to make the leaps required for growth. On the other hand, an old saying comes to mind, 'The early bird gets the worm!" Find out why your business needs to adopt a mobile-first approach!

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Last month, we set the stage for writing engaging content by identifying your audience, putting yourself in their shoes, and making a plan before you actually start writing. This month, learn some simple tips for writing content that engages while also avoiding a few common pitfalls.

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Congratulations to the following organizations for recently launching a new website with Global Reach!

The Millard Collection

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