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A Website Footer is an Amazing Place

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At the bottom of most websites is a region called the footer that is usually present on every page of a website. The footer has so much potential, it’d be a shame to waste it.

On a Mission

Not all users will scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, so why does the footer matter? Because the users who do scroll down are on a mission. Just like readers know to flip to the back of the book for an index or glossary, users know to reference the footer for important information. Don’t disappoint!

Users who scroll to the footer are…

  • looking for your location or contact information.
  • wanting to connect on social media.
  • lost! They need help finding content.

For these reasons always be sure your footer contains…

  • the business address, link to a map, and contact information (or a link to your contact page).
  • the most important navigation links. (Don’t reproduce your whole main navigation – just the highlights.)
  • your search form (if you don’t already have it elsewhere).
  • a link to your sitemap. (Always have a sitemap! It’s good for SEO and it’s good for your visitors.)
  • links to industry-required legal disclaimers, privacy policies, terms of use, and copyright.

Your Last Chance to Make an Impression

Once users get to the bottom of the page, you have one last chance to get their attention. An appealing footer with useful content can help you meet your website’s goals like inviting inquiries, getting sales, or signing up for something.

  • Reinforce trust by listing your certifications and affiliations.
  • Include an about paragraph and/or a picture to make a personal connection.
  • Link to your most popular content, products or blog posts.
  • Create a contact or subscription form.
  • Make a home for your social media icons.


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