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Why Your Static Website Won't Cut It Anymore

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It’s not just about a fresh look...

Oh, the trusty static website. You’ve had it since 2003. It worked then, it still gets the job done now, and you have no interest in changing it up. You don’t need bells & whistles; you just need a website that works, one that users can look to for information about your business. A facelift is a luxury at best and an unnecessary expenditure at worst, right?

A website needs to perform...

"We can live with a website that looks a bit dated..."

We face this objection a lot with customers who have older, static websites. Unfortunately, a website is not at all like a fine wine; quite the contrary, in fact. As a website ages, and with little maintenance, the code becomes outdated, making it harder and harder for search crawlers to find and parse its content efficiently. Links and photos can break, page load times will begin to drag and fonts can even distort. This is not only bad for SEO, it also leaves users with little confidence in your brand. 

How will you compete if users can’t find you?

To take it a step further, without an administrative backend, it takes a skilled developer to make what should be simple content updates to your website.

"But we don't need to update our website often."

Well, many of your competitors do, and this is because they realize the important role content now plays in a successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. Quality content in bountiful quantities is absolutely necessary in today's search landscape. A static website will put major limits on any content endeavors you attempt, and it's likely you'd need a full-time developer on-staff, making it far from lucrative. So how will you stack up in search engine results pages against businesses that are making the most out of online blogging and content marketing? You won’t.

And if they do find you, better experiences await...

Not only does a static website hinder your potential findability online, but most do not realize the true impact an outdated website will have on your reputation. It can be quite stifling, especially now with so many alternatives available. And let’s face it; in a world (wide web) of options, users are fully aware of the many choices they have at their fingertips. Even if they do manage to find you, a better experience is just a click or so away.

The bottom line:

If your website code is old and your user experience is lacking, it's time to give an upgrade some serious thought. There are a billion different reasons to justify an upgrade. Just remember, what you fail to provide to search engines and users, someone else is providing in spades, and that can make the difference between a sale and a pass.


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