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How to Clean Up Your Content

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Content, content, content! Are you sick of hearing that word? It seems everyone in our industry preaches the importance of good, quality content. If you're not a fan of writing, you might be disappointed to hear how much it truly matters to your online reputation. But we do have good news. Not every time you set out to write web copy do you have to come up with something brand new. Save some time by giving older content a makeover!

Reinforce Your Message

Chances are, your business has a few pretty consistent messages that you want your audience to hear. Reinforce these messages by rewording old content and promoting it over and over again. Take fresh perspectives or modify themes, but convey the same overall message. You’ll reinforce all of your main points without using up a lot of time.

Update Links

Maybe you wrote a really resourceful article which contained links to websites or blogs that you thought provided great information at the time of composition. Since then, maybe you’ve come across even more useful material on the subject. Update your links along with some of your content for a fresh face-lift.

Try New Keywords

The number of people looking for any given keyword or phrase is likely to change with time. Experiment by changing up the verbiage you use and monitor your web analytics to see how users (and search engines!) respond. This is not only a good way to update content, but it can also help you capitalize on new higher volume search terms.

Shake It Up With A Change In Format

Say you wrote a great piece just a few months ago on the increase of mobile searches made. Why not take the same information, but use it as an infographic? Just because you are presenting the same information, doesn’t mean you have to present it in the same format! Make a video, graphic or interactive quiz and users will rediscover the same information in a new and exciting way!


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