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Our Top 10 Online Web Design Tools

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The web is teeming with delicious resources that add spice and flair to any visual design project. We've picked out our top 10 coolest web design tools that not only produce great results, but are fun to use.


01. Coolers

Coolors is an online color palette builder. The interface is bright and it’s built around exploration – who knows what you’ll find?

02. DragGradients

If you didn’t know, most browsers support using code to create stunning color gradients. But even if you aren’t a web designer, you can sit back and relax with this full-screen gradient sandbox. Check out Drag Gradients today!


03. Triangulate Images

Drag and drop in a photo and use sliders to create totally unique polygonal designs.

04. Trianglify Generator

Similar, but different! This browser-based tool, Trianglify, lets you create soothing background images based on geometric shapes. Just choose your size, move the sliders, and play with a color palette.


05. Free Historical Stock Photos

A massive library of public domain historical photographs, clearly categorized – free to use.

06. Finda.Photo

Search multiple libraries of 100% free stock photography at once by category, keyword, or color!


07. JS Word Counter

Sometimes the simplest tasks are beautifully easy. Use this character counter today!

08. Fillerati

Generate placeholder text from the words of some of our culture’s most required reading using Fillerati.

09. WhatTheFont?!

We’ve all been there, unable to identify a font. This is our favorite font-identifying tool.

Responsive Design

10. Am I Responsive?

Just type in a URL and see.


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