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Using Pinterest as a Company

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Are you pinning to boards yet? Here's why Pinterest might (or might not) be right for your company.

  • Female Demographic: Women make up 65% of Pinterest users. The majority of them are married or in a relationship, and the average pinner age is 32.
  • High Growth with Distinct Interests: Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing standalone sites ever brought to the world wide web. Users on the new social network are interested in creative categories like clothing, photography, crafts, and lifestyle goods.
  • Perfect for businesses with visuals: Whether it is products or services, if they have a strong visual appeal, Pinterest is an ideal place to engage customers. This could be anything from how-to’s to samples of work to video testimonials.

How does Pinterest Work?

Pinterest is a social network that allows users to visually share and discover new things by posting (or pinning) images to boards. Boards are typically themed by food, crafts, fashion, etc., and help users easily sort and store ideas in order to come back to them later. Most items that users pin are found somewhere on the web, or they can also be uploaded to the user’s computer. If you are looking to make it easy for website visitors to “pin” your graphics, talk to us about adding a Pin It tool.

Having a Pinterest account for a company takes a lot of time and dedication. Make sure to organize your boards well and post new items frequently. If you are trying to optimize your website to be pinner-friendly, let us know and we can help you get started.


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