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Photo Editing on a Budget

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At some point, you will likely find yourself requiring some kind of photo editing software in order to improve or manipulate an image for use on your website. Photo editing software not only improves the aesthetics of your website's images, but it can also improve the functionality of your website. For instance, smaller photos will load more quickly and enhance the end user experience. Moreover, smaller photos take up less website space, preventing your website from reaching its maximum allowable storage limit that often times results in additional hosting charges.

There are several tools that come to mind when considering photo editing software. Both paid and free options are available, and while photo editing software that is purchased generally provides the most flexibility, those with limited budgets can still benefit from the use of free alternatives available online. Below is a list of free photo editing websites that do not require a user to download software to edit photos. All of these websites allow a user to upload a photo from their computer, then crop, resize or adjust the photo in a variety of ways.


Pixlr provides several skill level options, allowing its users to customize the toolbar layout to one that is comfortable for their unique skill level. The ‘Advanced’ editing option is perfect for anyone who has prior experience using Adobe products. The ‘Efficient’ editing option provides great flexibility, but narrows down the options in case the user is not familiar with editing software. The ‘Playful’ editing option is aimed at novice users, providing them with a variety of preset options to choose from. Pixlr is also great for sharpening your photo editing skills, as it allows users to move to a different editing level at any time.


FotoFlexer has all of your editing options in one place. A user can either play with several preexisting photo filters or apply a mix of their own custom settings. Photos from Facebook, MySpace, and other social media outlets, can be easily uploaded to FotoFlexer for editing.


PicMonkey is a favorite for Global Reach clients. With simple menu options on the left side of the website, it allows users of all skill levels to easily navigate. Extra benefits include:

  • Well defined options for cropping and resizing images
  • Photo filters which are easy to apply and customize
  • Free and for purchase photo effect options, distinguishable by PicMonkey’s crown icon

Review the websites above to get an idea of which photo editing software would be the best match for you.


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