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A New Year Means New Trends in Social Media

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In 2013 social media is becoming even more essential for growing your business.  On Facebook alone there are over one billion monthly active users worldwide.  Facebook along with other social media websites like Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, and more, continue to grow.  As they grow, these websites continue to evolve.  This makes it more important to have social media experts assisting in your online efforts.  As your experts in social media, here is what Global Reach thinks you can expect from social media this year:

The Move to Mobile Continues: More and more users are accessing their social media accounts from their mobile phones and not as much from their personal computers.  In 2012 access to social media from a mobile phone or tablet rose 63%. This often leads to checking social media more often and being more engaged over all. This can be helpful to your company because it allows you to keep your customers constantly informed. From announcing an early close because of a snow storm, to making sure your followers find out about the recent change you made to your website; social media tools allow you to instantly update your followers. Thanks to the move to mobile, your followers don’t have to wait until their seated at their computer to receive your updates.

Social Media Goes Visual: As many of you probably heard in 2012, social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram exploded and will continue to grow in 2013.  Users like to view images versus constant text so try to add more visuals to each social media platform you are on.  Look for “memes” or “infographics” online that you think your users would enjoy.  Another way to become more visual is to explore on Pinterest and Instagram.

Social Media Will Become an Instant Feedback Tool: Users will be providing more instant feedback on not only what you put on social media, but your company in general.  This trend has begun on Twitter especially.  Many companies look to Twitter to help with their customer service needs.  They can communicate in real time to help fix any issues a person is having and show that they reach out to those with problems.  Another way you can use this to your advantage is to time your social media posts correctly.  What market are you trying to reach out to? What times are these people free to check their Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and other forms of social media? Changing the scheduling of your posts could influence how much people are drawn into your social media platforms.

Social Media Experts will become Even More Knowledgeable: With the huge rise in demand for social media experts, the amount of classes and information is becoming more readily available.  This allows newcomers in universities to begin learning about social media earlier.  Global Reach has retained some of the best social media experts around to stay up to date on current trends and new features.  This allows our clients to have the best and brightest social media strategies.

Social Advertising is Evolving: Social media platforms continue to change and create new forms of advertising.  You may have noticed a lot of these changes in the last year, such as sponsored stories from Facebook, and we believe this trend will continue to grow. Interested in finding out how your business can utilize these new and inexpensive ways of advertising? Just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help. You may be surprised by just how many customers you can reach out to.


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